Does Your Fitness Work Life Embrace Your Own Wellness?

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What Do The Founders of the Largest Fitness Organization in the World Know About Wellness?

Plenty. Peter and Kathie Davis started IDEA (back when it stood for the International Dance Exercise Association – with big-haired, leg-warmer-wearing members) 33 years ago.

As leaders a large staff who support and disseminate fitness, health, nutrition and wellness information, they realized they couldn’t be authentic unless they created an environment where it was true of their staff. So they’ve provided the environment for that to happen and “got out of the way to let them do their thing.”

Staff members still have deadlines, quota and numbers that matter within their specific roles. With the freedom to do their work how they work best, find their balance with family, physical activity and available programs for wellness wouldn’t anyone be more productive?

Bases have to be covered. Staff members have to be available for customers whether that means answering phones, responding to emails or ready and waiting when people walk in the door. Can that be done creatively ? Can you set boundaries ? So it becomes clear that your business is there both to serve the internal customers (you or your staff) and the external customers?

Would productivity increase?

Would moral and happiness internally increase? And what effect would that have on your customer service?

Have you witnessed this kind of freedom yourself or in a business you support?

Share your experience.


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