How This Fitness Studio Booked 80% of Their New Leads

The following is a guest blog by Mike Arce, at Loud Rumor. He makes excellent points and gives a case study to prove for you… if you believe in your services you invite them to try it. Like Facebook Fans don’t come to Facebook to buy.. but a targeted ad works, you don’t ask someone to get married on the first date. Invite them to get to know you, how you do business, and understand WHY YOU, and they’ll have sold themselves.

The other excellent point is follow up. Take note. Never is no answer an answer. If you’ve called and left a message but not gotten a response that should be a call back on your action list for another day this week. Imagine me tapping you on the shoulder. I tap once and it’s no big deal. I keep on tapping and you’re going to respond somehow with an answer. No answer is leaving money on the table.

Enjoy the read and share your comments below.

How This Fitness Studio Booked 80% of Their New Leads

We love working with fitness studios at Loud Rumor. And if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that constant lead generation is crucial in order to grow your studio. But even though getting hundreds of new leads a month is a great feeling, those new leads mean nothing unless you follow up and get them through the door.


That’s exactly what one of our customers, a local fitness studio, did with their leads generated through our Fit FLAVER campaign. In just one weekend, the campaign generated 15 new leads and the studio owner booked 13 of them for their initial workout. That’s an 86% book rate, a number that every fitness studio should shoot for.

Here’s how we created the campaign and how our customer booked so many of those leads.


This studio used our Fit FLAVER program to bring in over 40 leads in their first week. This stands for:

  • Facebook
  • Landing Pages
  • Automation
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting

Facebook Advertising

Our team at Loud Rumor started with an awesome promotion that our customer had previous success with. This studio chose to offer new members 2 free weeks of unlimited workouts. This campaign heavily targeted women, so any of the photos we used also included a female demographic.


If there’s one thing that people love when they’re thinking about buying, it’s video. Video showcases more of what they might invest in, might include testimonials, etc. So in our Fit FLAVER campaign we invited our customer into our office to shoot a video to be placed on their landing page. It highlighted 2 instructors who walked the viewer through the exact process of signing up.

We removed the green wall in post-production to create a super clean look, and set it to auto-play when the Thank You page loads.

Closing the Leads

We include the bonus offer on the thank you page to get leads to call the studio immediately. It’s always easier to close a lead that makes the effort to reach out to you, which is why so many businesses have a hard time closing a good percentage of their Facebook leads.


But this fitness studio really killed it with the follow-up process, booking 86% of the leads that came in over one weekend for their introductory session. Here’s how they did it.

1. Lead by Example

The owner of the studio originally struggled to get her entire staff to kill it in the follow-up process. Our campaign was bringing in a ton of leads, but her sales team wasn’t closing. So she jumped in and started calling leads herself. Once her staff realized how easy it was, she was able to remove herself from the process again. She did this by calling leads within 15 minutes of them reaching out, calling leads over and over again until they either signed or were no longer interested, and applying her overall fitness motivation to her sales process to really boost that booking percentage.

2. Get Them Through the Door

When you follow up with leads, have a goal in mind. While you obviously want leads to convert into customers, it’s usually better to leave the up-selling for a little later. So rather than encouraging leads to buy into a membership right away, simply book an appointment and feel it out once they’re in your studio for the first time.

Most businesses don’t follow up with leads as much as they should. Studies show that 80% of sales are made on the 5th touch, so if you’ve called a few times, don’t give up: Timing is everything. That’s what was great about our customer — they reached out knowing that they’d have to make several calls before either reaching their lead or booking them to come in. So they didn’t stop unless the lead went completely cold and was no longer interested.

The Numbers

These strategies combined with our Fit FLAVER program brought in a TON of new paying customers for our studio. Here’s a breakdown of their first week:

  • 43 leads in 7 days
  • $0.32 Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • $5.27 Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • 86% Book rate

By combining Fit FLAVER with these follow-up strategies, our customer was able to grow their studio significantly in just one week. To see how your fitness studio might be able to do the same, reach us at 480-567-9794.

Mike Arce is the Founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, an online marketing agency that helps local businesses grow and get more customers. Through our proven program, Fit FLAVER, Mike has been able to combine his passion for both the fitness industry and marketing. Using Facebook advertising, landing pages, video, and more, he and his team generate 100 – 200 unique leads per studio each month.

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