What to Say to Close the Fitness Sale (and what NOT to)

#291 To fill your health & fitness coaching business, you have to know what to say to close the fitness sale. Or, rather how to open a conversation. 

And it’s not what will come out of your mouth first… unless you’ve rehearsed it after thinking about it.

When you’re:

  • On a phone call
  • In a consultation
  • Doing a presentation (webinar, live talk)

What should your flow be? (on the webinar?  in the consultation call?)

  • How long should you allow your calls to be?
  • How much time do you spend on each part of your call?
  • How do you start?
  • How to set your prospect at ease?
  • How to take control?
  • How do you help someone make a decision?

So that you can:

overcome objections before they come up

and then if they do…

Know what to say when they say:

  • I have to think about it
  • I have to ask
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know if this will work/for me

So, It’s Your Turn:

What do you say when someone asks, “What do you do?”

So that you are not just a commodity:

  • Personal trainer
  • Health coach
  • Midlife health coach

You don’t improve by telling someone you’re an online personal trainer, or a midlife weight loss coach.

You haven’t mastered this art of engaging prospects if you say you’re just adding adjectives like a midlife or menopause health coach. Even for my Flipping50 Fitness Specialists, I would never want them to answer, I’m a Flipping50 menopause fitness specialist. Not until far into a conversation.

Know why?

Because last year, there were no #midlifehealthcoach uses to speak of, this year there are hundreds calling themselves that. (some of them who go so far to steal client testimonial content and call it their own!)

So what? Did it make someone better, knowledgeable, relatable so they can get the sale because they’ve called themselves that? Or stole a testimonial?


The ability to transform your answers into something powerful that makes a listener say, oh, that’s me! Or oh, that sounds just like my wife!

Or, that sounds just like so many of my clients! (Says my hairstylists/my dermatologist/my dentist)

That is what gets you the next step. The curious other person who isn’t just waiting for the polite conversation to be over.

Where it goes wrong

In too many cases, when you say… oh I’m a personal trainer or a health coach, they just assume that they know you by their own personal experience with a trainer or health coach. There’s no need for more conversation. If you say Medical Exercise Specialist, Pilates instructor, Yoga Teacher, it’s the same. Nothing – not even an identifier of “midlife women” or “menopause” helps you there.

You friend, are burying your opportunity not to tell people you’re award-winning fitness instructor, or international presenter, or certified or master degree holding..  which are all commodities and labels that mean nothing about your ability to relate to your next prospect.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

You can build credibility without listing your degrees, certifications, and it definitely can’t be done by giving yourself a label.

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What I say. (in episode!)

Can you describe yourself this way? In a way that makes someone say, oh that’s me? Not with a cold blank label that is generic?

You’re Invited:

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