7 Fitness Professionals Social Media Marketing Mistakes (and the fix!)

Posting feverishly without getting results? Fitness professionals social media efforts generally either fall into one of two categories: definitely work or definitely failing. If you’re spending money for someone to do your social media, or you’re spending time doing it yourself, it’s expensive to get zero results.

With more ears and eyes on social media than ever, this is for you. Any one of these 7 fitness professionals social media mistakes can hurt you. Fixing any one of them is definitely a step in the right direction. Let’s dive in.

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#1 Posting before you have a strategy

Imagine a pee-wee soccer league. If you don’t have kids of your own, you may have coached, you’ve got a niece or nephew, or you’ve just watched this. A 5-year old cares more about treats than the minutes they play. But inevitably one kid will finally get the ball and run with it to score the perfect goal… for the other team. If you are consistently posting without results, you too may be running in the opposite direction. Now, are you helping your competition directly? Not exactly, but you are using time and energy where it is not paying off. Before you post…

  • What is the reason for your post?
  •             How is this tied to your customer journey?
  •             What’s your Hansel & Gretel plan for getting home?

#2 Posting without a message & mission

  • What do you want the listener, viewer, reader to do, think, or feel?
  • Why do you want that?

Fitness professionals social media posts should be in alignment with the message and the stand they take everywhere. It can’t be the same as every other fitness professional. What do you stand for? What do you stand against? In 2020 we’ve been presented with a number of challenges that we may never have thought would polarize our audience, but have. From masks to vaccines, to quarantine, to racism, there have been reasons to address these things that may have been listed in your style guide as “never talks about.”

(If you don’t have a style guide, you need one. It will force you to know your message and your mission in a way that everyone you work with knows clearly what’s in and out of bounds.) Learn more about Style Guide creation.

#3 Missing hashtag strategy in Instagram

Fitness professionals social media mistakes on Instagram are many, but the biggest ones involve hashtags. If you’re not aware of the number of hashtags you need on social media, the place you want to put them and don’t, and the range of the hashtag popularity to use based on the size of your current following, you’re wasting time.

Being consistent is about doing the right thing consistently. If you want to get in on some of the secrets that make your Instagram not just grow your following but grow it authentically with people who want what you’re selling, it’s a part of the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist program.

#4 Not supporting (specific) others and engaging

Social media is meant to be social. You can use social media to create relationships. Give to others. Identify 100 people who are doing what you want to do or related to what you want to do in a complimentary way. Follow them. Take time regularly to comment and post and DM them. That should be as much a part of what you’re doing and not random. List those people out specifically. If you’re tempted to copy, don’t. People smell a copycat.

Notice how larger accounts post. They don’t post their freebies. They post content that organically connects to their freebies. You have to have an engagement first. If you haven’t got eyeballs on your content, back up. Connect. Start looking at your insights. 

#5 Neglecting to Use Insights

Insights are free! Fitness professionals social media mistakes center around this one on every platform. Not using insights is like ignoring your friends when they call. Eventually they are going to stop calling. Fitness owners and managers have almost cultivated this bad habit when they didn’t know enough about social media and turned the process over entirely to a young member of their team that they assumed “know more about social media than I do.”

The only way you can create more effective messages that resonate with your audience is to measure what matters. Set up a weekly “weigh in” and start looking objectively at whether you increased or decreased engagement, which posts, what type of posts, and what content works. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Yes, it takes time to get traction but if you’re still posting to a handful of people after months it’s time to change your strategy.

#6 Forgetting how your customer feels

Preaching doesn’t work. Teaching works sometimes. Talking to people works. Listening works best. Are you ever asking questions? So often fitness professionals social media posts probably feel condescending to your clients. Imagine how they feel and post based on that. When someone is frustrated and in despair, they don’t need to read a post about getting steps in. Maybe they need to read a post about how hard it can be to start when you feel the road is long. Tell a story about when you felt this way.

If you look super fit, and your customer is not, you need to relate to them somehow. That’s not to say you have to have been fat or out of shape at some point in your life, but you need to relate to struggle.

#7 Not telling your why

You could be a plumber, teacher, lawyer or doctor. Why are you a personal trainer or health coach? Fitness professionals social media accounts are often void of the backstory. That’s like getting to a movie 10 minutes late, or not reading the text on the screen so you know the significance of the story. I can relate because last week we were watching a Tarzan movie and I was admittedly multitasking on my laptop. My son rewound and said, “Are you reading this?”

Much of the movie would have had less meaning to me if I hadn’t read those screens.

The same is true for you. Periodically, you have to share your story again. Introduce yourself. Tell them who you are, your rags to riches story, the story that makes you relatable and unique. What is it? What makes you cry, cringe, sing, dance and celebrate?

There you have it – fitness professionals social media mistakes, why they hurt, and how to fix them.

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