Fitness Passion to Fitness Profession and Career

Taking Your Fitness Passion to a Living You Love

You’re passionate about fitness. You love it. You love what it’s done for you. You like helping people. You like teaching.

Do you have a limiting belief about how much you can earn or how much you have to work to do it?

Do you believe if you’re going to make a living as a fitness professional that it would all be able selling?

Do you change your voice and turn into someone else when you have to ask for money?

Today’s guest is going to help unpack some of that baggage.


Phil Kaplan is a 30-year veteran of the fitness field and a pioneer in the realm of Personal Training.  The first Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient from Personal Fitness Professional, he’s appeared on over 1000 TV and radio shows sharing “the Fitness Truth.” Through seminars, articles, appearances, and programs, Phil paved the way for personal trainers setting a model for Professional Excellence and establishing oft-imitated paradigms for “selling fitness” in health club, corporate, and studio settings.

With extensive experience as a health club owner, media personality, author, and international speaker, he’s gained rare insights into the elements of mind, body, and spirit that integrate to manifest positive physical change and has created programs with unprecedented levels of outcome and compliance including TRANSFORM (over 75,000 copies sold) and The ANSWER.

  • starting with the belief that a lucrative career and loving a career are not mutually exclusive
  • You do some mindset work – exercises without sweat – with clients (and I’m putting you on the spot here) can we do a little of that right here with trainers listening?
  • Trainers often copy, follow, do what everyone is doing… and if making a career out of fitness is a problem, and most trainers do struggle, then that’s going to be a problem. A trainer today really has to be Different, How can a trainer listening take steps to break out and finding a unique voice?
  • Being contrarian, breaking rules and not being afraid to stand out get uncomfortable. They go against that desire trainers have to be liked
  • You recently – a little bird told me this – had a group of trainers you’re mentoring raise their rates by $4 a session. Share the reaction you got when you instructed them to do that? And what happened when they came back?
  • “Scale or fail” is a commonly spoken mantra these days… and for trainers the truth is, you’re going to run out of hours. You can raise rates to an extent but scaling a fitness business may require other revenue streams. What suggestions do you have for that trainer who has raised rates, is still full, is finding that as she increases rates she gets push back… what’s next?


The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

“Creative Tension” the gap between you now and where you want to be

Phil is instrumental part of promotion of MedFitNetwork, a place for medical fitness professionals to gather, for consumers to find them, and to improve lives with quality education and service based on the belief exercise and nutrition can both be medicine used correctly.

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