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Doubt that fitness marketing works, or at least what you’re doing does?

I’ve grown organically from you YouTube channel (and grown that organically). But I am not always sure and neither are you that it’s still working without asking. So here’s how.

In a birthday post recently… I shared some funny, odd, things about my background, not all related to fitness or being a coach or research-driven wellness pro.

At the end I asked people to tell me how we met.

They did, and many of them said … youtube. Trust me there was a lot of blind faith posting when there were hardly any views on posts. When I recorded with a really bad microphone in a really bad basement bedroom where internet was an issue. But over time, my consistency and on target message got through.

And it can for you too.

Proof Fitness Marketing Works… and changes lives

A woman also told me in March that her husband had passed March 5th. Before he died he made her promise to keep working with me because he knew how much it meant to her.

She had first “met” me there. Then did a course, then joined my membership. And 4 years later she’s still a member and such a helping hand to other members. It’s amazing the reach you have and the impact of a free video, if it truly helps people.

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