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If you are not asking how to create fitness marketing videos better, faster, and more effective at supporting your ideal clients, you’re nuts. If you already do it, you can always do it better. I don’t watch a single YouTube video without learning something. Whether it’s something to do or not to do, I am an eternal student!

Organic Traffic from Fitness Marketing Videos is Not Dead

I’ve grown my YouTube channel to 118,000 almost entirely organically. And, honestly I can say that when I do “pay to play” it isn’t as effective as the right video performing organically because I’ve shared it and amplified it regularly after it initially posts.

So… while I’m about to share gold with you… don’t forget that step 5 is just as important. That is, continuing to share it consistently with slightly different words or images.

In this episode!

This 4-step plan to create fitness marketing videos is one of my earliest lead magnets when I first began coaching and consulting with fitness professionals as a primary niche more than a decade ago. Starting then would have been a fantastic idea. And starting today is the next best time. I’ll give you more tips in some upcoming podcasts about being good on camera and getting more confident, but many of these steps you can start on and they will already improve your confidence to create fitness marketing videos.

Need More Simple Marketing to Stand Out?

If you love and or need this, especially if you work with midlife women, you’ll love the 12-month Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist mastermind. It’s always been my mission to help the fitness industry by getting and keeping the heart-centered coach and trainer.

I do that by giving you the skills not just to coach them on the fitness but to market and message in a way you feel good… and so do they. I’ll link to a special masterclass I’m doing on Thursday, sharing more about how you can become a true brand influencer. Not to star on social media but so that you can influence the world health.

Start Here

Let’s dive in… and you’re going to want to take notes, so that you’re answering all the questions I ask in each step. I’ll even suggest you pause the podcast to answer.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

  1. Attract New Customers
    B. Nurture Relationships with Current Customers
  2. Upsell Current Customers
    D. Create a Product for Revenue

Step 2: Choose Your Topic

  1. What problem are you solving?
    B. What other things has a customer tried?
    C. Do a large percent of people in your market area have this problem?
  2. Who is your competition?
    E. How do you solve this problem distinctly better?

Step 3: Choose a Findable Title

  1. What question would a person with this problem or goal ask?
    B. What problem does someone want solved who would like this video?
    C. Describe the person who will find value in this video.
    D. What does the person who has this problem hate about your product?
    E. Start with a few working titles. Type them into a browser search bar. Compare the number of results that show up. Compare the number of results that have videos or images. Run the title through one more time with any changes. And decide. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to be a title searched by a large enough market that you can expect some traffic from it.

Step 4: Create your Intro and Outro Scripts

  1. Write your first 10 seconds out word-for-word and rehearse. In 5 seconds tell them how you’re going to solve their problem – the one they clicked the video for. Then tell them your name and dive right into content.
    B. Define your call-to-action based on your objective from #1 (do you want viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel? Click on a live annotation that will take them to a free gift for registering for your email?)
  2. Write and rehearse your close. Summarize. Add “if you liked this” and end with a specific directive. (click here, subscribe now, call now – include the number!)

That’s the Findability Factor

These four steps alone will increase the findability of your videos. Even if you’re creating them, if your ideal prospects aren’t finding them, it’s costing you time.

Your “next step” to social media: https://www.flippingfifty.com/specialist-masterclass

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