Fitness Marketing Secrets to Recession-Proof with Bedros Keuilian

We’ve got fitness marketing secrets for you inside this episode. Every other word is nearly a pearl, a story, or advice for you to recession-proof for this recession/depression that is ahead. 

Though he’s the author of Man Up, and the title may not turn your head, it’s for you too. It’s HU-Man, up. There’s never been a better time to be a woman in business. The power and the influence you have and the ripple effect of that extending through each woman you help influencing others can change health care history. 

My Guest: 

Bedros Keuilian is an American Entrepreneur and a believer in the American Dream. He and his family are immigrants who escaped communism and came to the United States to find freedom, opportunity and a better life.

Today Bedros is a serial entrepreneur and investor in over a dozen industry leading brands and businesses. He’s the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, three times listed in Inc Magazine as well as Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 fastest growing franchise brands in the world. Bedros is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book Man Up – How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business and In Life.

Bedros believes in the power of the human spirit and uses the stage, TV, social media, his podcast and his blog to share his Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to get unstuck and reach their fullest potential!

Questions we answer in this episode: 

04:14 You’ve coached trainers on the practical aspects of fitness business. Yet, leadership and personal development are what you seem to be talking about now, what’s behind that? 

What two “Rs” does Bedros recommend we all learn? 

08:16 Since the pandemic happened, how do fitness providers deal with this mom

23:20 How does your ability to make decisions quickly matter? 

27:25 How do you build your decision-making muscle? 

31:32 Who’s a better leader, an introvert or extrovert? 

53:24 How would you start over and be seen and heard? 

There is so much more in this episode you do NOT want to miss. Play it. Play it again. 

You’re going to hear these remarkable “quotables,” or Bedros-isms, to help you recession-proof your business(and your mindset) right now: 

2 Rs to Success

Check Up from the Neck Up

The model of F.I.O.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a small or big decision.

-Bedros Keuilian 

Connect with Bedros:

Bedros’ Book is MAN UP on Amazon:

My suggestion: get the Audible version:


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