Stop Before You Make This Fitness Marketing Mistake During COVID19

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You’re going to make a fitness marketing mistake during your career. Otherwise you’re not trying hard enough. Most success comes from trial and error. With marketing something works for a while until it doesn’t and that’s how you know to change.

During this particular time however there are mistakes that are easy to avoid. And 5 of them are in this episode

Key Points to Help You Avoid Your Next Fitness Marketing Mistake:

1) Selling the same thing you were selling January 2020

There are unique problems happening right now. Uncertainty, and less cash flow are true for some. If you know your clients you know if that’s them. So low-ticket offers can be a smart thing to do. Get them into a short-term program not an ongoing, open-ended program. Focus on the right now problems they have.

2) Targeting a market that has shrunk or disappeared.

Target those with urgency, fear, and with money rather than those who were barely able to pay. There are a lot of people who don’t have time right now. Our time has turned into more work not less. Don’t assume that everyone is sitting around.

3) Thinking no one is spending money right now

You won’t do anything if you believe this. It’s just not true. And remember you’re not selling services to just those in your backyard right now either. At least you don’t have to.

4) Waiting and worrying for things to get back to normal

It’s not going back to the same business or the lazy way trainers were fed clients by clubs. The revenue inside gyms is going to be lower. The clients inside gyms are fewer. Clients of your local gym have access to trainers worldwide and know it now. Unless they have sessions paid in advance, you need to be not just a trainer. You need to be the trainer they need.

Waiting for someone else to figure it out for you

5) Being tone deaf.

Look everyone wants a little normalcy right now. We don’t want to keep talking about this virus and all that brings. But we also can’t ignore the fact it’s changed things. Especially in your fitness business. So, you should be talking about it. This is easily the biggest fitness marketing mistake of them all.

You’ve forgotten how to have a conversation. They’re just people. Your people. Talk to them.

Mentions in this Episode:

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