Fitness Marketing In Less Time How to Get It All Done

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Finding it impossible to do your fitness marketing? Here’s how to get it done in less time.

You’re the trainer, the bookkeeper, the advertiser, the marketer… and then you’re the chef, the cleaning lady, errand runner and oh, yeah trying to stay fit to walk the talk.

Have I about covered it?

So, I’m no different. And I don’t want to tell you that I haven’t had times when I did wake at 3 and probably slept by 8 or 9pm in order to get in a workout and be the golf mom, the manager, the trainer, coach, and all the things. And I thought I loved it. In truth, all of that was a lot of pushing, pushing, pushing and maybe proving… or trying to, prove something to myself or someone.

So, no matter who you are, if you’re an energizer bunny – and I mean really… without the caffeine and the adrenaline rush of attention or pressure of deadlines, or fear… you really are, great. But if you’re exhausted by all that action that you can’t see traction from this is for you.

Here’s how I finished a month of podcasts in 2 ½ hours this morning.

I had brief outlines and bullets, already waiting.

When I get an idea I add it to a list. It may never become a podcast or blog. But it might be a post or talking point for a consulting client. So I fleshed it out, decided what details like resources will make it more valuable to listeners. I add the intro and outro in case we’re promoting anything like the business building mastermind & masterclass series right now.

I allow no more than 30 minutes each.

Since I’ve already had these ideas marinating on my desktop, this was plenty of time. When I walk or run ideas come up and I just add to them. Any task will expand to the time you allow it. So don’t.

I repeated the final steps for each.

Then I get into my recording space and turn on and go.

I try to record start to end and have the least possible amount of editing. For an urgent timely message, I’ll skip the music and go from recording to postproduction in the same day. Listen, you don’t listen to a podcast for the intro and outro music. At least I don’t. You listen because the podcast gives you concrete applicable steps you can take or helps you feel like you’re not the only one in the world going through what you’re going through! Music is overrated!

Later today I will load these up into my host, Libsyn.

Then share show notes on my site. But listen, that’s copy and paste work. I can do that late in the day when I’m firing on fewer cylinders like I am early. It’s actually relaxing for me to do that. And next month when I’ve got support, that is one of the things I’ll hand off.

A support person you can hire for $10-20 an hour should be able to load up at least 3 in an hour, check for mistakes and allow you to either earn hundreds more doing something only you can, or to relax and do nothing.

Create the social media posts ready to share for release date.

Again, down the road to do your fitness marketing in less time this is just a system you create. But you don’t have to do it. Not once your time is so overscheduled that what you really need is a break and time and space.

There you have it how to do your fitness marketing in less time. Broken down into one specific task. But it works for everything. I tell this to my customers all the time. When they say I hate cooking! Or I don’t have time to cook! It’s because they are overwhelmed with the whole idea of ALL of it.

But.. in these steps:

  • Choose recipes
  • Write the shopping list
  • Do the shopping
  • Do the food prep

…it’s not overwhelming and other people can help if you let them.

So it is with you in order to do your fitness marketing in less time.

I hope this was helpful. Whether or not you have a podcast. That’s not the point.


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