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Need a New Fitness Marketing Idea (or a dozen) for Right Now? Feel like possibilities and leads have dried up? Even your current clients aren’t interested right now? I get it, these are unique times. But when everyone is lamenting about how hard it is, there’s an opportunity for some. You just have to focus on the changes for customers as you take action.

Fitness Marketing Idea #1 Email frequently

            If you’re scared people will unsubscribe if you email more than once a week… or if you have let your list go cold and don’t even mail once a week, I’ve got news. They are waiting to hear from you. They want health and fitness content right now. They’re too close to the refrigerator, they can’t sleep and they a need strong immune system.

I say this with respect, if you are afraid of emailing you’re really afraid you have no idea what you’re doing and you don’t know where to get help.

I’ll link to prior podcasts and blogs that help you with this. And in a podcast tomorrow I’ll help you generate ideas. You need to start warming them up again. You need to communicate regularly with something of value. They aren’t waiting to hear what you want to sell though. That’s not giving them value. So if that’s all you do, you’ll soon burn out your list.

Idea #2 Know what your clients open

  •             Recipes
  •             Videos
  •             Quick wins and solutions
  •             Share personal touches

Fitness Marketing Idea #3 Segment your list

            If you still email in one batch to everyone on your list… even those who never answer or haven’t for more than 30 or 60 days you’re hurting delivery and having the wrong conversation with them. It’s time to clean up your list. Regularly.

Keep them in a group – knowing 85% of your list doesn’t buy right away. They have to think about it for up to two years. I’ve literally had customers say to me they’ve been on my email list, listened to podcasts and read my blogs and books for a couple years before they ever buy.

So keep the long game in mind even now. And know that some of those long game people may have urgency in COVID19 they didn’t have before.

Fitness Marketing Idea #4 Better titles and email subject lines

            I’ve shared before my favorite tools – like Headline Analyzer and I’m linking to it here. Save your headline for last, just like you save a subject line of an email til last. Then create 15 to 20 of them and play with them until they get a good score on this Headline Analyzer tool and they’re rich for the key words you’re going for on your site.

Marketing Idea #5 Get engagement

            If you’ve segmented your list, and you’re writing better subject lines – after you’ve written content that answers questions, you need to make it a conversation. Every email should have a call to action (CTA). Sometimes that is simply to click on the video you’ve embedded in the email. Others it’s to click to your website where you have the recipe for the image you put in your email. In another podcast I talked about polls and surveys. Everyone loves to be asked and to give their opinion. So poll regularly. Let them know you’ll share results.

Right now polling about wearing masks, or exercising at home vs fitness centers, or cooking in or eating out would be topics people definitely have an opinion on. ASK! Then share the results next week. You’ve given two great reasons to engage with you.

When you get that kind of action on emails, when you are asking them to learn more about a program they are more likely to click to that too.

Fitness Marketing Idea #6 Use “you”

            YOU is simply the #1 most powerful marketing word in the world. However, “you guys” is one of the worst. Check in with your social media manager or copy editor for emails. You need them to be good at copy writing, not grammar, and not English literature until the time you stop needing to persuade someone.

Idea #7 Use emojis

The open rate for emails with emojis in subject lines is 56%. You could overuse that too. So try once a week. The copy you choose for the subject line still matters. The content inside better be targeted to the one individual opening that email. Don’t waste an email open on content that doesn’t serve your subscriber or you’ll lose them.

Fitness Marketing Idea #8 Use infographics, lists, and photos of the transformation

            Pictures speak a thousand words. No secret. And images like infographics that teach or show are savable. You can also share those on social media. They’re hot right now when they’re done well.

Marketing Idea #9 Get quality content on your site

Make it SEO-rich with key words your ideal customer searches for.

Do they search for Pilates? Or do they search for an answer to a problem?

Fitness Marketing Idea #10 Be Customer-focused

            Ask them, answer them. Serve them. Meet them where they are. Polls and surveys are the easiest and fastest way to learn more about what they want and will buy.

Idea #11 Use testimonials with names, and images, or videos

No one believes it when you say “customer said” unless you use a name, age, something to make it real. First and last name is good. Image is better. Video is best.

Fitness Marketing Idea #12 Create video stories

Not stories on FB or IG, though you might do that too. Tell stories, show prospective customers how to do something or how not to. Show them what it’s like to work with you. If you’re worried about your hair and make-up, you’re on the wrong track. If you’re worried about getting it perfect or making mistake, you’re not thinking about customers. Once you’re out of your head you will deliver the take that is going to connect you with others.


Fitness Marketing Idea  Lead, Don’t Follow.

Leaders make choices based on best for everyone. In your case, that may be you and your clients. That may be you, your employees and customers. Right now you probably need to make money or you need to constantly be changing the way you used to do business. You’re forced to think bigger and globally instead of 25-mile radius if you’ve been a face-to-face service provider.

What you do doesn’t come with a GPS or a road map or a model that’s been used before. Don’t wait for it. Don’t keep ideas to yourself. Watch what’s working. Apply it to your own model.

Know When To Ask

Are you constantly giving free live sessions away and never making an offer? Lead. People need organized step-by-step progressive fitness. Random acts of dropping in or choosing Pilates, or yoga, or weight training for toned arms does not equal specific results. Specific protocols and plans for specific people gets specific results.

So ignore what others are doing. Do what is best for best results. Change what you’re doing not just to abide by restrictions. Do it in all of your services.

Get rid of negative talk about the situation. Yours and others.

What are you waiting for? Make a difference like only you can today.


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