Does Your Fitness Marketing Campaign do this?

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Do You Hear Crickets?

Trainers often fail to have a marketing campaign that has an objective. You’re always marketing and you’re always selling. It’s having a strategy that does that best that is key.

Here’s typical. You decide you want to start a program. You create the program and focus on the number of times you’l meet the things you’ll do within each session, who will come …. all good things going on behind the scenes. The missing part is letting the public know that this thing that you know they want (that’s true right? it’s not based on something you want …it’s about actually having paying customers who want and requested it?) is in the oven and it’s soon going to be be ready.

Your marketing campaign should be going on constantly on purpose and planned. You’re going to launch a program…you don’t just say OK, here it is, register. Unfortunately, a lot of us do.

You wet the appetite. You get customers intrigued. You get them … on a waiting list. Getting announcements. Getting on a survey as you complete the details so that they are involved in the design. Why? Because when they’re involved in designing it they will of course want to buy it. They just told you exactly what they wanted and you built it.

You are either nurturing a relationship and keeping constant content with value for your customer coming out…


You are pre-launch building up that anticipation like the old Ketchup bottle dripping out…the negative slow thick Ketchup that was made into a positive attribute and competed against runny catsup by those other brands. Your tantalizing with things that make the mouth water like – imagine sucking on a lemon right now … or indulging in a smooth rich bite of the perfect chocolate truffle.


you are getting the registrations right now, then following up with anyone who didn’t register for the extended sale and the last chance.

And then…it begins again.

When is your next big launch? If you’re not creating events and excitement around them for your customer …you’re missing 25% of revenue that could come from the talking about it, the questions about it. What kind of campaign material works?

Not just – and rarely – the “coming soon” opportunity to buy message. The message that engages. The question that gets the customer thinking and peaks interest. The clues or pieces of a puzzle that all add up eventually to the big reveal. You don’t create a campaign on a whim. Time, energy, creativity around your customer and what they want and like and will buy will tell you what you can do.

If you’re not creating campaigns with stages…that bring you closer to the D (dollar) day…you miss some big change.


P.S. If you’re looking for a place where there’s simple steps to follow.. and you’ll do them with minimal help … this could help. It’s not just the where to and how to use but it’s the timing and the description of what a launch looks like counting backwards from your date. The only reason it won’t help…is if you don’t do the actions consistently. 90% don’t…if you do: you will be way ahead of the competition!

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