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Managing Your Business

What Clues Are There That a Fitness Business Is Failing?

Be A Critical Thinker: The Number of Fitness Businesses That Fail Far Exceeds Those That Profit Few businesses or trainers will let on they are failing or reach for help until it’s too late. They’ll resort to treating the business like a hobby or already have been and have a “real” job they are afraid

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Personal Training Service That Wins You Everything

It’s Not About You: It’s About Them If you remember this you’re going to have a lot of fans. Watch people around you who are leaders and give. Sometimes they do it to the extent that others are left in dismay. They aren’t usually “paid back” and yet, for them, it’s OK. They’re learning what

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Partnerships in the Fitness Business – Profit or Pricey

GONE ARE THE DAYS OF FRIENDING EVERYONE Even on Facebook people are selective now. People are abusing relationships. People abuse titles. Use yours carefully to network in ways that are purposeful for you, for them and position you both well. Leave the rest behind. There’s a theory that you have to give everyone who wants

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Is It Safe To Do Business With You?

If You Talk With Them, They Know You Talk About Them It’s not rocket science and it shouldn’t surprise you. When you say “in confidence,” “this is just between us… whoever you’re talking to knows that you talk to everyone about everything thing. There aren’t exceptions. You have to know deep down that if you’re

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Selling a Prospect

Change the Meeting Venue and Make More Sales

There is a reason retreats are popular. When universities, companies big and small, and business owners who want serious results take them they vacate the premises. It changes everything. What it does for you in a meeting with a new prospect is puts you on neutral ground. You’re the awkwardly dressed one if you’ve chosen

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Your 2016 Fitness Business Reading List – Fire Up Amazon Now!

READ and SHARE BOOKS If you want to be a leader…in your business, your community, or your industry, read. Frequently, and consistently read at least one industry book. I’m all for “free reading” (I haven’t quite been able to lose that term since elementary school), and too often my boundary blurs and it’s one and

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Yes Debra!  I want to make this my best year in my fitness business! Please tell me as soon as the Bootcamp opens again!

Due to the personalized nature of this program, I only accept a select number of trainers each session into this BootCamp. Be sure to join the notification list below.

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