Why Done for You Fitness Marketing Never Works | Episode #277

It’s December 8, 2013. Tears stream down my face as I remove family pictures from the great room in my home…

The year before… 

I had a comfortable 6-figure income, no debt, owned outright a 4200 sq ft house I loved, a Lexus, retirement funds, and no worries about paying my son’s tuition let alone where my next paycheck was coming from. 

If You Think It Was Easy for Me 

My house was not even under contract, and every belonging I had that wasn’t with me, sat in boxes in the middle of rooms in that 4200 square foot house I loved. I waited for a buyer, but temperatures are below zero for weeks, reducing the number of buyers looking.

Circumstances that started when I handed in my resignation letter January 16, 2013, started a cascade of 8 major life changes that occurred over 14 months. I could have only predicted two. I quit (safety, security, and a regular paycheck) on purpose, on a mission, and my son was going off to college. The other 6 – some I’ve hinted at here others matter a little less, but here they are. 

A 10-year relationship fell apart, as it turns out it was entirely built on false pretenses, and I’ve learned that painful reality over and over again for years, my financial situation changed dramatically based on investing everything – time, energy, and money into a business(stubbornly trying to do it myself).

Living the Struggle 

I went from mastery in everything I was doing every day to totally learning from scratch how to build a business in a different way, I’d moved away from immediate family and friends, and suddenly had much less in common with them (who else did I know after all that was in a 100% online business? Um, no one. My family once again did not know what I was doing. I’m not sure they still do to tell you the truth. They say things like, “you can do that from anywhere,” with no idea that this is more than about posting to Instagram from my phone daily.)

If You Want to Get Untouchable Fitness Copy

I’m going to share with you how to do that. You can imagine we can’t possibly cover everything that goes into the programming, the pricing, marketing, selling … the what you say when they say “… “  details you need.

At the end I’ll share with you the last chance to get support this year. I have a passion for up leveling the fitness industry.

Copywriting for Marketing to Women Workshop

LIVE July 21, 2021 3-6pm Pacific 

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  •  5 Profiles of Female Buyers (they aren’t all like you)
  • 12+ Word families that influence purchases
  • 5 Templates to use for infinite inspiration
  • Mining your stories

Think your fitness marketing never works? It will. When you tap into your magic, and your customers. 

Register for this workshop and let me show you how easy it is. 

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