Fitness Management is a lot like time ma

Fitness Management is a lot like time management….How’s time management worked for you so far? Since you’ve been hearing about it, learning about it, and trying to manage it? Time management, for most people it goes something like this…they think about it, worry about it, try to organize it, and end up with the time they had to use gone, beginning the cycle all over again. on focusing on energy management and objectives that you want to achieve, structured tasks that will get you there, then you can dig in with blocks of time and use non-productive time as ‘incubators’ where you marinate your ideas.

Your objectives? Simple…this is the second busiest time of year fitness pros! It’s like a fresh start, new start, back to school means back to routine for many of the would-be clients that you meet. You want to capture them while they’re excited and the solution.

You want new clients.

1.) You have to ask. How many have you asked today? Exclude no one. The person yo usee who comes in regularly is just as likely a candidate for training as the person who can’t seem to get in the door. You might be surprised to learn they aren’t seeing the results they want to, or that they are bored with their routine and want something different.
2.) Get in front of more people. Create a call to action of some kind. It doesn’t need to be a costly advertisement. Create a calling campaign. Create a ‘special offer’ be it a new group training session, a reduced rate package or introductory offer…that gives you a reason to call and feel good about calling. Call and tell them about it briefly on the phone. Ask for a call back if you leave a message. Then book them for a consultation to tell them more. Now you’re in front of people who you can sell. Give them something free…body composition or measurements so they can benchmark progress…then ask them about goals while they’re there and what they’re doing to achieve them. Wha la, you have the conversation that can lead to a new client.
3.) In your ‘down’ time spend it letting new ideas run through your head about other ways to do this. What works in other industries works for you. Think about what prompted you to be a consumer most recently and borrow that idea. When you run or workout get in the habit of planting ideas like this in your mind and just see where they go. You never know when an idea will pop into your head. Then- ink it! Don’t leave it to memory!
4.) Work when you work. Play when you play. If you organize your energy and what you wnnt to focus on your fitness business will be better organized too.

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