Fitness Careers You Love and Can Live On

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Fitness careers are so attractive. What other environment could be as positive? Every day clients come to you and leave in a BETTER mood!

Yet, fitness careers like any other profession can wear on you.

Motivation for consistently doing the things other people won’t do (a simple secret to getting ahead) at times when other people won’t do them can wain if you can’t see how some of those less than “fun” tasks directly reward you or your business.

Social media is such a black hole! It’s a perfect example of where we may need to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning to do a task that feels potentially useless! And if you’re lost in the weeds knowing how posting is helping you attract leads that become customers, it’s easy to get discouraged!

Fitness careers, whether personal training, owning or managing a business (or all of the above), are so like exercise for our clients and members. If you don’t clearly see how what you do is helping you get where you want to go…it’s hard to be “motivated” or even committed (which is much more important).

The answer for us in the fitness industry has been in part measuring, followed by communicating the WHY of steps you give a client. We measure body composition, flexibility, strength for them.

Motivation from Measurement

What are you measuring to help you connect your actions to results?

When I share social media strategy with fitness professionals, I don’t go too deep into the social media weeds. We don’t have to. The most valuable thing you can do is establish a system and do it consistently. From that you can directly measure the success of your actions.

You can then adjust a variable and try it again. Each time you get better and your strategy improves.

Fitness careers require wearing a lot of hats. Yesteryear they were giving tours, answering phones, education, booking literally in real time and space. They haven’t changed so much as we’ve moved into digital space options. You may still be doing the marketing yourself. It’s important that you know what numbers are the ideal numbers to track!

Hint: It’s NOT your number of fans and followers. It’s not even likes on posts. There are more important numbers.

When you can see how you monetize your actions, you’ll be so much more committed to doing those actions.

Fitness careers are rewarding. They also require components that are work and are not always things you love. While you’re doing them, before you hire and delegate, create a system of actions – tracking – assessing – tweaking and testing new actions.



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