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Are you a personal trainer or health professional interested in providing menopause coaching services?

Perhaps you’re dreaming about having passion for the work you do, or you want to ditch your “day job?” Or maybe you love the idea of using your skill to support women through your fitness business in 2023.

Before you dive in, you need absolute clarity on a few things.

First and foremost, you must know for sure…

  1. Where your leads are coming from
  2. How you convert these leads
  3. How you offer value and deliver the transformation they want and need

Now we do a deep dive.

Start with your leads

That is all about knowing your ideal client.

  • How well do you know your audience? What do they want, need, dislike, and what have they already tried?
  • What will you provide that is so enticing that they’ll want to learn more and give you their email address to hear from you about?
  • How fast will they consume it, and can they get a quick win?
  • Is your message to your audience absolutely clear?

Converting leads into customers

  • Does it start with an email and making an offer?
  • Do you set up a phone consultation?
  • Are you offering an in-person consultation, first session, or assessment?
  • Most importantly… how good are you at converting them? Do you know what to say to close the deal with confidence? 

Delivering the service

For example, take our Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist course, designed for personal trainers and health coaches who want to elevate their fitness business in 2023. More on that here:

Here is the service delivery: They receive access to resources they can use immediately. For coaching sessions with me, they can jump on a phone call, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, in person… whatever is most convenient. It depends on the nature of your service and on the distance between you and your client. For instance, I will meet virtually with my international fitness coaching clients. We are going over exercise plans, but we’re not working out.

I write a personalized a plan for them based on their needs, may ask for video of them doing moves to assess them, and I may provide video instructions for those less inclined to follow workouts on their own. I’ve been training this way since the mid 90s. It’s Training Peaks style, though I use my own website and member area.

What Speed are You Going?

Next up, I’m going to walk you through speed. Your pace is important for you to look at now to consider whether it’s going to serve the things you need to accomplish in order to grow your fitness business in 2023. After all, we’re already a few months in.

If it takes you a long time to even get leads, that you need to fix right away.

I’m sure you can see that as a problem, because without what we call “traffic” (whether it’s someone walking in the door or hitting your website) zero activity means zero customers.

Is This Your Livelihood?

And if it takes you weeks or months to convert most of your customers, what are you going to live on and eat meanwhile?

The goal would be that once you’ve listened to what your ideal customer wants to buy, you’ve created that and you’ll sell that and they’ve been waiting and excited to get it. Or if they’re new to your list, then they will want to buy it within a predictable time because it’s a great fit for exactly what they wanted.

When it’s predictable how long it will take you to get new customers after you get leads you can relax a little about having a stable revenue. To increase it you’d do more advertising! That’s easy!

Is it Effective?

You then have to think about how effectively you’re doing these things.

What is the conversion rate on your leads?

Because if you’re only converting a small number (less than 40% of people who come through) there’s a gap in the quality of leads that you’re attracting or in the messaging and that’s something you want to dig into.

Measure What Matters

  • The biggest question is, are you measuring what matters in order to get the results you want for your fitness business in 2023?
  • The number of leads within a certain time period.
  • The number of those leads that converted within a specific period depending on your campaign.
  • The number of those leads that convert later.

Depending on the sophistication of your CRM or customer relationship management, in other words, your email and data tracking, you can track these numbers there.

And you can also track where your money is coming from. Then from those products and services you can look at how much time it took you. You’ll learn if there’s really a profit margin for you when you take out your expenses.

Menopause Coaching Service

A menopause coaching service like that of the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist course is a business. You want to treat it like one, whether you coach 10 hours a week or you coach 40. Customers expect a level of service that can only come from you investing in yourself, your business, and delivering the best over time.

I’ll link in the show notes to a master class where you can get more information about how to learn more about the business side of personal training and health coaching. I can definitely spare you a few mistakes, and help you find your distinguishing factors that make you exactly the coach someone is looking for.


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