Why Your Fitness Business Email List Isn’t Working

Why isn’t your fitness business email list growing? 

In case you’re not yet aware of how important it is, we need to get you there. Here’s an example of just how important email is to the growth of your business. 

My first question when a trainer tells me they’ve hit a wall with their fitness business and not getting new clients is this: “How is your email list?” 

Most likely, part of why you aren’t growing your client base is because you aren’t growing that list. 

The first step to improving your sales skills is to attract more people, but more on that in a minute. 

Here’s the Problem with a Small List…

Let’s say you’re in a “launch” with few people on the list, and then you launch again with the same people. There may be a small number who say yes if it wasn’t the right time for them before and it is now. Or perhaps they needed a little more time to know and trust you before deciding.

But you’re also losing a small percentage of them with each launch.

If you don’t lose subscribers every time you email, you’re probably not emailing enough. 

These people are likely not seeing all your posts every day. They are busy! They want the news delivered with white gloves, and that is why they subscribed to your emails. They may not like social media. So, while you think they see and hear that and your daily message is enough, it’s not true. 

Also… you cannot get more clients online. Not from stranger to customer at least. But every time you email… you can make money if you grow your email list the right way.

Here are the Reasons You Can’t Get More Clients Online:

  • The fitness business email list you have now is small or inactive

  • You’re attracting anyone and everyone by having an audience on social media that is too broad
  • You’re busy…but you’re not productive

Here’s what to focus on: 

  1. You need to grow your fitness business email list. Start by offering a freebie that piques interest and desire. For example, I have a freebie here about freebies (how meta!) https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/irresistible-freebie-how-to/

Make sure you’re sharing relevant social content and suggesting it as a Call To Action for those who want more.

Have a profile page with links directly to it (no ugly URLs someone will never remember that only your mother would go to the trouble of tediously entering – if she would!)

  1.   You need to attract the right kind of people to your social (first step before email)

             Have you reviewed the audience you attract? 

            Can you clearly tell who this is for and who it’s not for?

  1. You need to focus on the right things consistently.

          If you focus on your social media more than you focus on your customers and business, you’re making more “busy work” for yourself than getting things done.

I have an action challenge for you. 

The 5 Day More Fitness Clients Challenge will give you a headstart on planning your marketing strategy and growing your fitness business email list. It’s easier than you think!

What else do you need to focus on? 

Do you have a funnel that converts? Focus on that before building a course. 

Do you have a system you’ve proven with yourself, tested on a pool of others, and gathered testimonials for proof that it works? 

Do you have copy that defines your unique difference? There are a million options for how to exercise, why you? 

DECIDE. That’s the action. Decide where you really will get the biggest wins from focusing on and then do… Monitor your time on social media and if your brain is constantly flirting with it, you’re probably not getting anything else done. 

I’m going to link to the resources mentioned in this episode. Before you visit it, my hope is that you’re walking or working out. For me, this is when I get the most clarity, not while sitting at my desk. And not when I’m moving through a Bootcamp-style set of crazy moves. 

A Quick Tip:

You may have turned up the speed on those social videos to show a lot of movement, energy, and not give a whole workout… but have you stopped to think about how it’s perceived by your audience? It may relay a “frenzied” kind of feeling that makes people think you’re the type of trainer with crazy intensity. Possibly intimidating or off-putting to some!

What do you make viewers FEEL? 

That’s the question of the day! 

How does social media make YOU feel? Spend less time there and more time on your business so it converts when you reach them. If you’re not getting enough fitness clients as you’d like right now, I hope this episode was helpful for you.

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