How to Find the Right Fitness Business Coach

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How can you find the right fitness business coach to accelerate your business success? What are you looking for and how do you know you’re a good fit?

If you’ve ever had a tutor, a trainer, or a sports coach of any kind, you know the value of getting it right by getting feedback and staying on track. If your fitness business could use a boost or you’re spinning without direction, and wonder if you could use a mentor, this is your episode.

Canadian fit pro Shawna Kaminski has been a fitness professional in the industry for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education and too many certifications to count. She is a teacher at heart, having taught school for 20 years.

Shawna is the #1 best selling author of ‘Lose Your Menopause Belly’ available on Amazon. During her career she’s owned a small group training studio and multiple fitness boot camps and helps thousands of online fitness clients worldwide with her fitness and coaching programs.

She’s appeared on national TV as a fitness expert, authored articles in numerous publications and created curriculum for international fitness businesses.

Shawna’s response to what she would differently if she were starting all over again was all about getting a mentor, and recruiting some one – a coach –  to accelerate her progress, spare her of mistakes, and eliminate the need to re-invent the wheel. I loved that answer – so I asked her –  when she got started 30 years ago  how she did it. The fitness industry looked entirely different. Shawna talked about her start and a pivotal decision she made about attending a conference.

“I know how to help people, I need to know how to make a business out of helping people.”

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever said or thought that, listen to the podcast interview with Shawna Kaminski today and then listen to the rest of the series (three episodes before this one and three following).

Shawna points out you want to vet coaches, and especially choose those who have done it, are doing it, and walking the talk.

Questions we covered in this episode:

  • Who was your first coach?
  • How did you decide a business coach is what you needed?
  • How did Shawna find the right fitness business coach?
  • Tips for finding a perfect coaching relationship
  • Do you coach other personal trainers and owners? What’s the process?

We can buy speed:



Business Coaches.

4 Steps to find the right fitness business coach:

  1. Consume free content online.
  2. Confirm their level of success. Look for social proof. Check those people out.
  3. Make sure they resonate with you.
  4. Reach out to them. Is it a fit?

Connect with Shawna:


Facebook: Shawna.kaminski

Instagram: @shawnakaminski

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