Fitness Business Changes| Coping with COVID19

Fitness Business Changes are Inevitable

What are experienced fitness professionals doing to help clients and customers and their own coping with COVID19?

Alex has been in the human performance industry for over two and a half decades. She is the founder of Vitalé Studio, a holistic lifestyle coaching model where she guides clients  how to amplify their healthy, become fully engaged with life and define their  practices of happiness. Alex passion is to help people at the work force to sustain high performance while maintaining vibrant health, energy and happiness. 

Alex has been coaching high performance for almost 25 years. Her clients include entrepreneurs and team/business leaders who want to increase mental, emotional and physical fitness in order to cope with the great challenges that leading a work force can bring. 

Alex’s philosophy is that by creating habits to restore and recover the body/mind, anyone can perform at their highest levels with a healthy lifestyle. She shares sound and simple psychological and physiological tools that take people from surviving in stress to thriving in stress. 

Questions we covered:

How can you connect and get in front of customers and clients?

What are hearing is hardest for people right now and what they need. What’s working for you to connect with people and support them?

Can you connect via Skype, Facetime and or zoom calls (Zoom is waiving fees I believe for new users right now during this to make it easier on businesses that otherwise see clients/patients live).

Could you be doing news broadcasts and being helpful solutions for media that share real, and valuable vs inflammatory negative information?

Could you be creating YouTube or membership site videos giving access to the public not just members for now?

Are you going live on Facebook regularly? Are you choosing times when people might be most likely to be on – and feeling isolated or alone?

What other thoughts do you have about fitness business changes that will happen?

What are you doing right now to take care of yourself to show up for your clients and customers?

How can listeners connect with you and follow you further even watch over your shoulder on Facebook?


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