The First Rule of Fitness Marketing – two minutes to better messages

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  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. How old is he/she?
  3. What is her/his biggest problem? What does he/she wish would go away?
  4. Are you that age and gender with that same problem?

You can see where this is going. Even if you’re now 50 and you’ve been in the fitness industry for 30+ years (hmmm, sounds familiar) you don’t know your client as well as you think you do.

Let’s say you’ve served the older adult since you were 22 (hmmm, sounds like someone I know). The 50 or 60 year old (or beyond) today is NOT like their peer of three decades ago. In another decade that will also be true. They were raised with different historical events, different music, different values and ways of learning in school. (AKA: team teaching, new math, mental math…) It all makes a difference in how you can best message them.

If you only use your own idea of what they’re thinking and feeling, you’re limited. You and I only have our own frame of reference. You need to talk to as many of those prospective customers as possible.

Not even your current customers can give you the insight you need.

Why? Well, they’re already drinking your Kool-aid. So they are in some level of reform. You need to talk to someone who isn’t yet started, and who wants change but isn’t there yet. Then and only then will you know what words and images will get their attention.

It isn’t “trampoline training.” It isn’t “express workout.” It isn’t “certified and educated trainers.” Zero emotion tied to those words….or at the very slightest chance there is…for a newcomer it’s negative. The message is “extreme” and embarrassing and intimidating.

Interview. Interview. Then write down EXACTLY what they say. Ask open ended and not leading questions.

You will be amazed at the marketing brilliance that you now can take credit for.


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