Finding Clients

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

It’s not hard to find clients. It’s just easy to leave the gym and the work mode and not think about it until your next session. Unfortunately, when you’re in a session and working in your business you aren’t generating much new business. No matter how full you are at the moment, success-minded trainers are always cultivating new client for themselves, their trainers, or their program.

Social media marketing is the buzz lately (more about maximizing that in the next few blogs!). What is that but networking. It’s about creating relationships with someone that isn’t directly an advertisement or a call-to-action. We sometimes forget that you have the opportunity to do that everyday and all the time in real face-to-face life. You have to put the cell phone, texting, and the ipod down in order to do it. You have to interact!!

In our industry, everyone is talking about fitness or complimenting another individual on how they look or what they’re doing to look so good. Not true of every industry! You don’t necessarily overhear someone talking about maximizing their retirement benefits as they get their hair cut. Or reroofing their home due to storm damage as they get groceries. Conversations about fitness, health, stress…are everywhere every day however.

Your first questions….where are you exercising? What are you doing for exercise to help you with that?

For example, late Friday after work I stopped to get my nails done. Think of it as pampering or not, when you stick your hands out to shake as often as we do you need to keep up appearances. If you’re a chewer- stop! Two leads came out of it. Have you noticed that salons like that have a good relationship with their repeat clients. I’ve never been in and seen the same clients twice but yet the owners know everyone’s name.

The owner herself knew that I am personal training director at our club. She asked which of the three locations I was based. I asked her which one she used (knowing she isn’t using any!) She smiled and began to tell me that she knew she needed to do something. She asked about rates for training and membership. Not a conversation I wanted to have right there, but I did give her some bottom line and an indication of options as well as tell her of our special this month- and it being a great time to get started. We talked about accountability because she told me she wasn’t sure she would be committed.

Next to me in the next chair was a woman talking about weight loss and an erratic work schedule. She was a sharp middle-aged woman who said right there- “I have the diet part, what I’m not doing is the exercise part.” Welcome to my world! She just told me she needs me! I told her I could help with that, asked for her card and said I’d call her when she wasn’t relaxing and talk about options and a complimentary session. I winked at the owner and told her I’d give her a commission for introducing us!

I’ll follow up with both of them today by email first, then call them each first thing tomorrow and every day after until I reach them. If I don’t get a “no thanks” or a “yes” I’ll continue calling regularly and frequently- not once a week, but once each day or two at the most. Yes it is persistent. Remember how easy it is to leave work and not focus on it? It’s also easy to leave exercise last on your priority list if you are not in the habit of feeling its positive effects. You are doing your prospects a favor to stick with them like gum on their shoe until they get started.

Your “will-do” list:

1. Make a point of cultivating two new prospects every day this week. Provide a good listening ear. Provide some information and encouragement. Then ask them if they are ready for change. Ask for their card or contact information if they don’t have one. Let them know you’d like to call them for a complimentary session and let them learn about the options that would suit them best.

2. Follow through. Stay persistent. If you don’t track your calls and results, why not? How will you know if you’re able to move someone from acquaintance to prospect(coming to see you) to client? How will you know how long that buying cycle is for you? Keep records!! It doesn’t have to be elaborate- don’t spend time organizing- spend time in productive, revenue-producing ways!

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