Finally, You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Succeed

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Are You Buying Your Goods From a Quack?

Regretfully, this is true. More than ever. And it’s going to get worse. You know it and I know it.

There is no regulation. “Certified” means nothing. Yet, certified professionals keep using it as if it does mean something.

What customers respond to is someone who speaks their language. Someone who puts their problem into words better than they can. I published a blog a few days ago about your degree. Do you have a degree? Guilty of promoting your degree and certification? 20 years ago … a Master’s degree was a “big” deal. It was or it wasn’t but it was a boost of confidence for people who got it. While their colleagues without it (but with a degree of confidence) were busy making more profit instead of paying tuition.

Then – or now – it’s PhD. More and more fitness pros are “trainers” with PhD. That’s probably a little over-qualification. Unless you can study in-depth a niche that you’re going to be working in…it’s just a degree.

You know as well as I do… that an advanced degree means you know more and more about less and less. PhD is a respectable qualification, don’t get me wrong. I’d like to have one. And that makes me laugh. What do you do with it? THAT is what matters. So you spend Thousands of dollars more… and years more… and lose years of earning while you do this. Then what? Unless you want to teach at a university ( and not even then…. I did for 15 years and loved it and earned a great living … but earned 3 x more in private business – guess which one went when I had too many voice mails, emails and pieces of paper to look at?)

If someone is trying to teach you the technical skills who has a lot of letters behind their name.. but can’t help you sell it or promote it and make a profit about it… is that what you wanted? Will you be more profitable because you learned from them? Truthfully, NO.

Who does profit?

Copy cats. They are focused. They want what they want and it is usually clear. They want connections, subscribers, and customers. They go hard. and they succeed.

Today: an elite swim coach told me about her unique swim techniques that, as six time first woman out of the water, work. Another swim coach wrote about them and published them with a check for the article and with wins in followers, fans and subscribers. While she, the EXPERT, doesn’t have anything to show for what she uses day in and day out to create champions.

Last week: a Facebook user noticed that I have nearly 18K fans on my page and asked if he could market to them. I asked about his credentials – since obviously I wasn’t going to share just anything or endorse it without checking. Nothing. He has no credentials. His answer first time was that “we have similar products that appeal to the same audience as yours.” I said, I’m sorry, I missed your experience, your education, associations…can you share again. None. Nada. His response was “never mind, I’m not going to do business with you.”

LOL? As if I should be offended… sorry but no. I don’t care what percent of a split you were going to give me if you don’t have a quality product and service I can trust.

This week: a fellow fitness pro blogger practically posts a head line I’ve seen written a dozen times by other marketers across all industries. It makes me sick to my stomach. We don’t know our audience well enough to know what they think, feel and want? We can’t come up with original information that they respond to? IF its true we shouldn’t be in business. Be you. Everyone else is taken. The real risk is when you get the customer. Then what will you do? You can’t quite copy the program of someone else unless you’ve bought it and done it. That, is an option and very likely, that’s been done.

Everything has been done before. But not by you. Not in your authentic voice. If you’re studying the customer harder than you’re studying and worrying about the competition? You’ll win.


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