Planning Content to Fill Your Fitness Programs

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Planning the launch of programs throughout the year is only as effective as the content you have finished that goes out during that launch. You want to fill your fitness programs. Crossing something off a list as built won’t necessarily do that.

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re so busy doing day-to-day tasks and reacting to email, phone calls and life that you may never have the time to really create a plan.

Todays episode is all about the importance of planning so you can fill your fitness programs. It’s a follow up to a post I did in December before the New Year was on top of us. I’m all over encouraging you to do it this one time so that you have it in place all year. If you have evergreen programs you launch several times a year, or even monthly, taking time to create blogs or videos that will help relaunch and fill your fitness programs. You can do it without scrambling, praying, or running a class that’s not full and not the best use of your time.

You’ll need to carve out some time – probably that you have dedicated to something else right now – maybe your weekly blog or article has to be a rerun for once, or you let someone else guest-post instead to buy you some time. This is going to make your hard work you’ve put in on creating a program pay off so it’s going to be worth it.

You have the day to day things: the clients, meetings, classes, and returning calls and emails.

You have the long term programs you know you’ll run.

But if you don’t have the promotion for those programs they may not be as full as they should be. They can’t help as many people and they can’t bring you continued revenue in the way you need them to either. Without promotion of the courses, workshops, or classes you’ve created it’s like a vehicle without wheels. It’s not going anywhere. The only way people will see it is if they come to you. But if you were out driving it around more people would become aware of it.

Let’s fill your fitness programs.

So if people are aware they have a problem or they want some change, they have to also be aware of you and that you have the solution. They need to get why you’re the right one for them.

That all takes content that connects with them.

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