Fill Programs With Less Selling- Last Chance

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There are two kinds of programs and management out there. You in fact are probably one or the other.

1. You embrace sales and realize every staff member who is able to ask better questions and believes in your people, your programs and how you deliver business should be empowered to sell.

You know need to be able to sell. You know need to be able to teach the techniques for selling step-by-step to someone else if you’re going to grow a business. Front desk staff ? Cleaning crew? Locker room attendant? Weekend answering service? There is a component of selling with each and every one of those positions…if questions are asked of them- and they are – do they know how to respond (and how not to?).

2. You’ve had luck selling but continue to hire more people to work with more people, add programs and add services hoping the shear numbers of more attracts more customers. When the strong survive the weak will go away. You have a few rock stars and you have a lot of people come in and out. It doesn’t matter to you and it is part of the pick of the litter mentality you have.

You don’t want to have to teach sales or marketing. You do fine yourself in your corner. You know enough people. You attract the right people. You’re uncomfortable teaching or overseeing marketing because it’s been easy and OK to accept the level you have at any time. You’ve never been hungry. You’ve not had to market yourself or sell yourself or services consistently over time. As confident as you appear it might be that you aren’t sure you can do that piece consistently with anyone you work with.

You need a system. And if you know it check this out here.

If you want to consistently grow yourself, your team or both, you want a plan and not random attempts to sell when someone is in front of you. It takes conditioning too. The right muscles don’t fire accidentally when someone has been compensating for a long time. They have to be coached and observed continuously for a period of time.

More programs and more trainers leading them CAN work. It’s more rare however than if you have consistent trainers with consistently used sales skills.

If you have consistent programs based on customers needs and wants…selling is easy, enjoyable and even fun. A portion of it may simply be accidental.

That is, you place the “flyer” and a small percent of your participants will register. Another small set will call or email based on the call to action listed to ask more questions.

The biggest group of people will need to be made aware of the cacophony of programs and flyers you’ve posted. The noise from their own life is too great. The few moments they run in and out of the facility or cruise through their inbox, they aren’t focused on a need for you.

As marketing to people gets harder, not just thanks to Facebook, but people are being told to focus. They’re listening. They are trying to leave the phone and the computer off, to disconnect. So what you’re doing now is better than newspaper or TV potentially. But it isn’t going to work as well as it is right now. So if it’s not working? How will you do?

If a system for creating programs that people are already looking for sounds like a dream, check this out.

Fast is what everyone wants. Diving in, growing your program. Then growing another. and another. Gets you random results. Assessing why it worked, how you can repeat the process and do it again, is a system that will grow you slower….but to be more mighty than the start up who isn’t sure.

The science has to be there. But it doesn’t get them in the door. They haven’t even opened the wrapper yet, how will they know you have a better flavor?

The customer service has to be there. But it also doesn’t get them on the phone or meeting you face-to-face.

Your systematic creation of programs that solve problems they are looking for solutions to makes the difference.

No one is looking for TRX. Not in 30 years has anyone called and said …do you do TRX? Do you do trampoline? Do you do Tabata?


They want results, and outcome and want to actually understand why it works and feel smart about choosing you.

Get a system for helping them do that. 

This sale is closing down and at this point if you don’t have 4-6 weeks of strong marketing for each individual program…you’re holding sessions with less than capacity. Trainers or you, are not working for much money.

If you just feel fitness is a hobby and it’s not your career, you don’t have goals about what you want to do. You don’t really care. Or you’re scared about committing to a goal and quota you don’t have a GPS to reach.

Slow is the new fast. Go step-by-step through creating a system. Don’t go past go, don’t try to collect $200 before you know why it works, who it’s for, who it’s not for.

A great idea is not in itself a profitable program.

An excited trainer who loves TRX or trampoline is not a profitable program.

A continuing education teacher who leads your team in this or that protocol…often has never had to make, or been able to make quota…they only do the first date and teach a program. They don’t teach you how to set it up, create the pricing the package and sell it.

Why? They’ve not done it.

The knowledge is important. Knowing what to do with the right information and the far bigger picture is most important.

I’ll never be the “popular” blog. Because its a bit too real for many trainer or program directors. Tell me what I want to hear and what makes me feel like I already know it…is the direction so many of us go these days.

If information rubs us wrong, makes us feel like we’ve not been doing what works long term, we aren’t drawn to that.

Take a chance. On yourself. That you are the real thing. That you want to help with original content not said first by someone else but that was processed and digested by you. Have your own educated opinion.

While so many programs are making personal training and fitness a “commodity” such that trainers and businesses believe what they read on Facebook and if it appears to be popular….follow it, if you distinguish yourself to the customers that you want to attract…right now is the time that YOU can actually pull ahead and stand out above anyone else.

The injury rate of programs does not go unnoticed. The end the program and regain the weight does not go unnoticed.

How will you be different?

This program is a resource for use over and over again as you clean up or build every program you have. It’s not a one-shot wonder.

It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you but it began at $397. It’s $149 today.

If you create programs people want and market well… you’ll attract customers. You’ll need sales skills. The sister-sales skills program is a BONUS with this purchase this week only. This is the LAST CHANCE for 2015. We’re closing this site and moving products somewhere else.

There’s a limited time to take advantage. The small investment (one group registration is MORE than the rate of the program design and marketing kit!) is risk free. Go through it step-by-step. Call me for your one hour consultation …and if you feel you haven’t gotten your money’s worth after creating a program – no questions asked! Money back guarantee.

So, get it now and get on track. It works – consistently for 6+ years as I led a team. It grew out of 20 years that came before it. And it’s worked since with programs I’ve consulted who have done the work, followed the steps, and tracked program success.

Last chance to pick it up here.

There are so many trainers looking alike right now, this is a perfect time to stand out as different and unique. Be willing to create something instead of using a “blueprint” that copies the last trainer your customer had.


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