3 Fast Ways to Better Results for Female Training Client

If you have a female training client, I can almost guarantee she wants it all, AND they is overwhelmed before she starts. 

You, dear trainer (or health coach) will be tempted to give them the diet changes, the hydration goals, and the exercise to do all at once. And they will start on Monday and blow it by Wednesday and come back to you next week sheepish, feeling like a failure already. 

So don’t! Here’s how to get much faster results with uncommon strategies. 


#1 Give them less. 

For an older female training client, often overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is give them less and have them focus on it more. 


Better than “more” first goals: 

Especially if you work with female midlife clients, sleep is key. Click here: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/sleeper for the tips I’ve coached women to increase sleep by up to 2 hours a night.  


#2 Set a daily check in. 

After you and your client chose that better goal, set a daily check in about it. Have them text you or use Voxer if that’s your choice to tell you how it went. 

Silly as it sounds, it’s not at all. It’s simply the best way to stay on track and not feel alone. 

When you decide to do this, preface it with the elephant in the room.

Tell her, you’ll feel silly. You’ll think, I should be able to do this myself.

And tell her that she’d be wrong. Pro athletes check in daily with software apps their coaches see in real time after they do the daily workouts they were assigned. 

For the highly successful, there is always a team.  

Here’s how I know this. Introvert me, could easily talk to no one for days. I can create a ton of content, market it, grow my business along just fine. 

But if I want to amplify what I’m doing, I check in with my mastermind team, my coach, and colleagues who also do not want to accept status quo. 

Listen, most people go through the motions. They complain about success they don’t have from work and effort they didn’t do. So, to get results you have to have the accountability to someone outside yourself. Too many are like crabs in the bucket pulling you down to average. (tune in to an upcoming podcast on Flipping 50 if you want more on that topic).


#3 Create External Rewards.

I know, I know. We think we need to create an internal motivation where it’s only important to the individual. And often they’ll tell you, they don’t want anyone else to know until … they’ve lost a few pounds… or they see progress in some other way. 

But that will backfire. 

I’ve trained for a dozen marathons, more than half of them followed a 2.4-mile swim, and a 112-mile bike ride (also known as Ironman). The first thing you do when you’re training with a group, is tell the world. You’re encouraged to write letters, share it with everyone (even if you’re not fundraising).  

That’s because saying it out loud helps YOU believe it more, or in this case your client. Help her tell others, start saying “this is what I’m doing” not “this is what I’m trying.”  

Whether it’s dinner with the family, a massage, or a pedicure… just for consistently hitting activity or protein goals mentioned above doesn’t really matter. That it’s a public goal and a publicly celebrated reward.. that’s the difference. 


Make It Easy

Your female training client has a lot on her plate, especially if in midlife. Make it easy. Even for the ones that want more and want it to hurt and want to feel sore (they’re out there), strategically hold them accountable to small things. 

You’ll increase success rates with all kinds of clients by keeping them coming and injury free. Working exclusively with the female training client? I’d love to hear from you!


Sleep Tips for Your Midlife Clients:  https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/sleeper 

More Midlife Clients Now: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/5daysmoreclients

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