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If you’re a female fitness business owner, even a solo personal trainer, and I would include, one working for another business, this is for you.

Because 2020 rocked all our worlds, nowhere as great as fitness face-to-face and restaurants, and hotels and airlines… you may have realized you put all your eggs in one basket. Attracting customers was easy because in fact you didn’t have to do it. Someone else fed them to you. If you established a reputation of helping your clients get results, you initiated some attraction. But when that model got taken away, and even now still when a very high percentage of customers are not looking to return to the gym any time soon, you realized, uh-oh.

This Episode is for You

This episode is both a little tough love and a little how to take back power that was yours to have all along.

You have the most power if you can sell. There are superficial titles that may make some of your fitness icons look successful, but news flash… if someone has more than 2 or 3 titles …. They don’t have more revenue. And they definitely don’t have more time and freedom.

So, know what you want. The limelight is okay if that’s what you want. Just realize it may be a swap for the finances and the freedom of time and energy to live your days in charge of your own schedule.

How Female Fitness Business Owners excel at sales

When you feel like you can’t sell or promote your own services or products, you have a belief problem in either your services or yourself. You’ve got to:

  • improve your product or service or
  • get support to build your confidence

Everyone sells. Everyone. Some do it so easily because they truly believe what they sell helps people.

When I was selling for someone else, selling the services of trainers who worked for me, it was so easy. When I went from taking clients who came to me easily and filled the limited slots I had to selling my products for 100% of my income, it changed everything. It in fact, rattled me a little. You falter, you shrink… temporarily. Or at least I did. Then you either pick up your big girl self and get on with it or you go find another job working for someone else for less than you want, for hours you don’t like, and give up freedom and potential to make whatever you want.

When you work for yourself as a female fitness business owner, you create money today where there was none yesterday. You can decide to create a package and sell it five minutes later.

There’s nothing in the world as powerful as that.

How do you get there?

Flex your muscles. Start doing live social media. You can start with recorded sessions but once you do them and realize video is king, queen, and prince and princess of social you want to do lives. But how, you ask? What are you going to say? (Link to prior live social media episode)

Most women do well when they start storytelling and teaching.

There is a difference however in teaching/preaching and raising/praising.

Teach in a way that is not condescending.

  • Don’t tell someone they need discipline.
  • Ask them if they’re committed.


  • Don’t tell them they need to ditch dieting.
  • Ask them if they’re ready for a more reasonable, realistic way.


  • Don’t tell someone they owe it to their family to be their best.
  • Ask them who else will benefit if they are, or who else suffers if they’re not.

Do you hear the change?

My bet is that when you aren’t selling with confidence, it’s not that you don’t believe in what you’re doing. It’s not that you don’t believe in yourself or your ability to help. More often it’s that the way you’re trying to do it, backfires on YOUR ability to feel integral around it.

It feels wrong but you can’t put your finger on it.

Am I right? I would love to hear your comment on this – below the show notes or a rating and comment in iTunes if you’re on an iPhone.

You’re a Badass Female Fitness Business Marketer Waiting to Hatch 

Look at the scripts or bullet points you prepare for yourself.

Rewrite them in a way that you feel like you are supporting and backing up a customer who has been frustrated and shamed by programs and trainers in the past.

Review the content in the show notes here. My hope is that it will help you start to automatically convert your messages into those that connect you with the right audience.

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