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Your female entrepreneur playbook is on the way. Better yet, it’s an audio edition, so lace up your shoes and get busy while you listen to this. My guest is going to help you become credible, have authority, and boost your brand. 

I can tell you the power of a book is great. It puts your words and message in front of many over and over again. Though I don’t like to refer to books as calling cards, I do think they make it easy to the marketing- or self-promotion–adverse. It’s easier to promote a book to get themselves out there when they otherwise would not.

Whether you have a traditional publisher or you self-publish, or you do something between, the value of a book also includes the fact it will force you to express your message clearly and concisely. It will boost your confidence and give you soundbites you’ll use forever. 

Listen in to this episode for the female entrepreneur playbook you’ve been waiting for! 

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My Guest: 

Patricia Wooster is a former corporate software executive turned traditionally published author of thirteen books and the self-published author of three business books. She is the founder of WoosterMedia which transforms leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, and thought leaders into published authors who amplify their message through high-impact books.

Patricia has worked on over 350+ traditional publisher projects and helped countless others self-publish their books. She coaches people through the process of creating a transformational experience for their readers by mastering their message, engaging with their readers, and adhering to the high standards set by the traditional publishing industry. Her clients have landed agents, publishing contracts, speaking opportunities, and best-seller status.

Questions we answer on this podcast:

  • [07:00] How can listeners build their brand online?
  • [10:00] What is and how can someone create a “value ladder” in the digital space?
  • [15:56] Why is a signature story essential to differentiating yourself?
  • [22:24] What can you do to generate revenue fast?
  • [26:30] What are some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make?
  • [31:10] What’s the difference in time to publish between traditional publishing and self-publishing? 

There you have it. She wrote the book, the female entrepreneur playbook. And she’s not only written dozens herself but she’s made it possible for entrepreneurs just like you to do the same. 

You have a story and a message. No one else has your stories, and each of them makes you unique and connect you to your ideal customer. 

But… only if you tell them. 

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