Reasons Your Midlife Female Client’s Cravings Kill Her Results

Are Your Female Client’s Cravings Killing Results?

Got clients who aren’t seeing results? Or who show up and confess that they fell off the wagon? She craves something mid-afternoon and can’t control herself. Or she’s fine all day and then it hits at night. She munches from dinner to bedtime.

There are psychological and physiological reasons why that happens. This post focuses on the physiological.

Protein Leverage Theory

The protein leverage theory says that if a client has not had adequate protein her brain will continue to tell her she’s hungry.

Say she skips lunch but has a piece of cake from the break room. In her mind she has to skip other calories and make up for it. Reality is that her mind is going to punish her for not having that salmon and veggies she brought for lunch by telling her she’s hungry.

She may end up either going for a second piece of cake or hitting the chips or popcorn later.

Faulty Education

Too many women, particularly those raised in the 70s learned this diet game of trying to skip a meal or eat next-to-nothing. Then they get cravings later and can’t control themselves.

A midlife woman who has the right quota of protein at each of 2 if not 3 meals a day is less likely to experience cravings. Cravings are even less likely if she’s conscious about getting adequate fiber. Average intake for Americans is 15%. That’s significantly below the recommended 21 for after 50 women. It’s even farther below where women with significant weight to lose do best.

The rest of a micronutrient-rich diet should be present too – tons of veggies from several groups are a must. Cravings often indicate deprivation or micronutrient insufficiency. Focus on giving clients a number to shoot from for fiber, and for cups of veggies. Educate them on the variety of sources they need to get these things from and why. 

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