The Perfect Facebook Ads Formula for Fitness & Health Businesses

#284 How would you like a Facebook ad formula that works? Yes, please, right?!

No matter if you’re new to paid advertising, only thinking about it, but haven’t done any yet, or you’re a veteran but have noticed a huge change (for the worse) recently, listen to this episode.

It will help you think about thinks in a way that makes it far less mysterious.

When I first began running ads I would have loved to have a Facebook ads formula. I was fortunate enough to have access to a mastermind group and expert resources to begin. This is one area few personal trainers or gyms feel good about. There is always the question of whether or not you’re spending too much, not enough, and what to change or test to get better results.

This episode will help you identify a plan.

My Guest:

Jono is an award-winning international speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, the co-founder and director at Fitness Education Online and the admin of the one of the largest Facebook Groups in the world for Fitness Professionals (Fitness Education Online Community). Jono is the current Fitness Australia Educator of the Year and a former Exercise New Zealand Educator of the Year Finalist.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • How much spend for a 1 million revenue from an ad?
  • Is Facebook still a viable advertising source?
  • How has Facebook advertising changed?
  • To listeners overwhelmed with the idea of setting up Facebook ads, you say?
  • Where does a listener start?
  • What about the difference in boosting posts vs using Ads Manager?
  • What is the perfect Facebook Ads formula?

Facebook Ads for Fitness & Health Pro Example from the show

Initial investment = initial sale

$500 ad spend

$10 leads

Close rate 10%

$500 cost of program (start of customer value)

Zero percent of local businesses run effective Facebook ads.

-Jono Petrohilos

Formula for $5 leads

  • Photo – small group of people all smiling and having fun after the workout

No: no smiles, working out/working hard, exercise photos, too professional, really fit and good looking

  • Headline – mention the suburb,
  • Copy – challenges work, 6-12 weeks, urgency

e.g. 12-week challenge kicks off 8th of August TOWN location. Click for more.

  • Lead Generator Ad (no website required)
  • Targeting – no interests required, distance/age/gender keep below 150,000 people for a small radius

There you have it, the perfect Facebook ads formula for health & fitness professionals

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Through Sept 30. Code: comebackstrong20 allows 20% off one of 2 options. 


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