Fast Fixes for Social Media Mistakes

Let’s examine some fast fixes for social media and make sure you’re optimizing the time and energy you’re spending right now on social.  

Maximize your stories for selling and awareness. 

Optimize your posts and reels for growing your audience. 

Remember that carousel posts engage your current audience but don’t help you grow a new audience. 

Posting Too Frequently 

This one backfires in the worst possible way: by giving you the exact opposite of what you want. 

Look, there’s a  time to build and a time to use what you’ve built.  

For instance, before you go into a launch for a program or a webinar selling into a program, you want to be growing and focused on how to grow your following and congruently your email list. 

But during a launch, you focus on nurturing and making that growth aware of what you’re promoting. 

I just hosted the What, When & Why to Exercise for Women 40+. We wanted as many women as possible there to hear 40 interviews with experts with tips that will help women in midlife (or trainers and health coaches who work with them) exercise in the best possible way. 

Prior to the event and just otherwise, normally I would generally post one or two reels within a week. And primarily post multiple stories daily. 

During this launch I’ve posted a reel every 1-2 days and posted 10-15 stories a day. 

Including Long Ugly Links in a Social Media Post

No one comes to social media to see your promotion. When you’re talking about a program or a webinar you’re hosting and you don’t have a Pretty Link or a link they can get to in your bio, you’re just hurting yourself! 

Here’s a better way. A Pretty Link is a plug-in for use on a Word Press site. It’s free and it helps you create a link like (where we house a marketing-to-women course for health & fitness pros). Now, that’s not the URL to get to the site and the store… but it is an easy-to-remember one. 

If I have a link to a product I am an affiliate for, I’ll make it for instance for the product I use for mitochondria support, improved skin and hair growth. It improves your own hormone function. But.. I digress. 

That isn’t the URL where the reader ends up ,,, but that URL is an ugly serial number-like URl no one is going to remember… and isn’t going to bother trying to copy and paste from your post. That just doesn’t happen. 

Remember they came to see friends and family and funny things. Entertain them. Use your stories to share and then you can use the LINK sticker so they can click directly to it. 

This past promotion period I must have posted the link to our event 3 times minimum daily. 

Not Posting Stories Often Enough

Which… Of course, this brings me to the last fast fix for social media mistakes. You’ve got to make sure that you are using stories to let people in. If you are having a sale, you’re having a webinar, you’re sharing that link right on a story. Post an image, post a video of you inviting them… and keep it in the real-life moment. Too polished accounts and posts aren’t the ones growing the fastest right now. 

Realize that overly “manicured” content could be hurting you while going live, just talking, not being hyped up, but being authentic is the way to connect. 

Doing the Same Thing Not Getting Results and Not Looking into Doing It Differently

If you are doing the same thing and you’re getting the same dismal views, not many saves or shares, few comments, I want you to change it up.

Here are some things to consider: 

  • Look at your use of tags. Are you using only what’s in text or verbally said or images on your video or pictures? You’re not pulling tags that are about your title but you’re using tags that are about the content of the post? 
  • Look at long vs short copy for posts. What does better? Do more of that. 
  • Look at use of emojis in your posts to break up text. 
  • Do you ask a question that makes a response almost compulsive? (in the copy of your post?) 


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