How to Launch Fall Fitness Promotions in Uncertain Times| Episode #280

#280 This fall fitness promotions are on shaky ground if you’re running a gym or studio. These are uncertain times for people. 

A confused mind doesn’t do anything. That could mean changes for those who are doing virtual sessions or memberships as well. 

This episode is all about how to launch fall fitness programs and promote packages in a way that respects the moment people are in. 

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Launch Fall Fitness Promotions

Things to consider before you begin promoting:

  • what is your customer’s biggest problem right now?
  • what have they tried already?
  • what happened? 
  • what did they love/hate about it?

How to respectfully promote right now:

  • address the concerns for safety 
  • address concerns about immunity 
  • use testimonials of people just like your most reluctant members and clients 
  •  be open and honest about your concerns and the actions you’re taking 

Planning a Launch

A launch has multiple parts. The mistake most fitness professionals make is waiting until a program goes on sale to think of marketing it.

But the bigger the price tag the longer the runway should be. 
There’s a pre-launch – that’s the period of time when you haven’t yet opened the cart (made it for sale) and you begin to tease it. 

First there’s the subtle launch when you’re considering what your customer needs to be thinking and feeling in order to buy. What do they need to know.

Then there’s the more direct pre-launch where you let them know you’re:

  • working on something special
  • excited about something new

When you launch:

  • the cart is open
  • you’re sending frequent emails
  • posts and lives are happening daily 
  • there’s urgency 
  • you could use bonuses that disappear

When you close, it’s firm. They have to trust you and word travels fast when you don’t honor deadlines. 

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