Use Facebook Fitness Marketing Better, Faster, and Have More Fun

Using Facebook fitness marketing isn’t as easy as just having a Facebook page or reaching a quota of post-frequency. Like any good, effective, marketing it’s about having the right conversation with the right person at the right time.

Social media marketing is here to stay. It’s going to get bigger and begin replacing a big chunk of your advertising budget. It’s also not going to be as cost-effective as it was just a few years ago – especially if you’re just going “boost post” crazy without a strategy. You don’t want “likes”… you want customers.

Are you throwing up posts to your social media sites with purpose or vomiting? Big difference! if you have no idea WHO you’re posting for… how can you be effective posting to anyone?

I started the conversation with Facebook, because there is no doubt from Pew surveys that the biggest share of all social media users are on Facebook. Some are on other platforms, and you need to consider which. The only way of knowing is to do your homework.

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Facebook fitness marketing

What are the demographics of your biggest buyers?

  • Gender
  • Age
  • What do they buy?
  • Marital status
  • Home own/rent
  • Purchase online?
  • Education level
  • Who else do they follow?

What social media site fits that demographic best?

What social media site fits that demographic second best?

It’s safe to say that Facebook fits every demographic. Everyone who is using social media is using Facebook. So the next set of questions you want to be able to answer are these:

What are the demographics of your Facebook fans?

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Home own/rent
  • Purchase online
  • Education level
  • Who else do they follow?
  • What are their interests?

Reports for better Facebook fitness marketing

You first have to be aware of the measurements that matter in your social media activity. Unfortunately, after an email to my subscribers last month, responses indicated that many weren’t getting these kinds of reports from their “social media managers.” It’s a quick fix, though! So if you’re not tracking that now, start!

Most often the reason Facebook isn’t monetizing is that the weekly “report” is weak and only contains the answer to the top question here. That’s not nearly enough. That’s fine if you’re talking about your personal page and you want to be popular. It’s only a start if you’re in business wanting to gain new clients.

  • How many new fans and followers did you get?
  • How many new leads did you get directly from social media?
  • How many sales did you make from those new leads?
  • What % increase in revenue was social media responsible for?

Track and measure help you use Facebook fitness marketing. Here’s what you can do to change the strategy fast.

Retarget Customers Who Were Looking for You

What is Retargeting?

How many prospects got to your landing page and didn’t get to a thank you page? You can retarget those customers who were interrupted before they checked out, and by finding out how many people do this you may discover other problems you can fix.

Do you need to correct copy that isn’t working for you? Could it be the customer isn’t checking out because he/she is confused and the next step isn’t clear? Could it be you jumped from hello, to buy something right now without promising the transformation, the problem you solve and how?

In order for you to use retargeting, you have to have a pixel.

Are you using a Facebook pixel on your site? If not, why not?

A pixel from Facebook should be on your website. Your social media and website developer should be able to put it there in minutes. It’s simple, it’s sitting there waiting for you, and if no one in your organization told you about it, I’d ask, why? 

So, first things first, start using a pixel. Second, you have to have confidence that your buyers are in fact who is following you on Facebook. Not so? Is it because you’re not targeting them with content that matters to them? Or is it that you haven’t run a report matching your buyers demographics to insights about your followers to know the answer to that question.

Within a few minutes you can have the answer to these questions. Your customer relationship management (CRM) data can pull a list of your buyers with specific data into Facebook so you can analyze it and create look-alike audiences from it.

Wouldn’t that be a good idea… to make other like-minded people aware that you have a solution to their problem? That makes social media much less a job you stick someone in to post random content and a specific GPS for helping more people find you, so that you can help more people.

When you know exactly who you want to talk to (current buyers or people like them), and you’re attracting more of them, social media gets a whole lot more fun. You get more engagement, more questions, and responses. It becomes the conversation that social media is meant to be. And it becomes Facebook fitness marketing strategy worth the investment of time because you’ll be getting results.

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WATCH for the Health and Fitness Professional’s Guide to Social Media Marketing (from Healthy Learning) coming out soon. If you know you could be doing it better, or want to confirm you’re doing the basics right, you’ll want it!

For more marketing, not just Facebook fitness marketing, listen to the Fitness Career Optimization podcast series. All seven episodes (plus one introductory episode) are fantastic. Check out the email marketing episode, and the how to get more clients episode.


Get your
Shortcuts for Creating A Fitness Marketing Mastery Style Guide

right in your inbox, so you’ll have it forever and be able to use it right away.

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