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What do you expect to happen today?

If you golf, on every tee-shot you need to be thinking this ball is going directly toward the hole or this shot is going to set me up perfectly for a short approach. Instead it’s often easier to think, don’t let this ball go in the water or stay out of the sand.

The results often are a direct result of what you intended to do. Trying to avoid something in a sense you are focusing on just that. An old rule in advertising suggests that customers don’t read the word “DON’T.”  Don’t Gain Weight Over the Summer   would be less successful than an ad that began “Lose Weight this Summer,” for example.

Expect every sales meeting to end with a new client. You’ll begin attracting that kind of results to you. Other people will find your attitude infectious and it might spread to your staff and to your clients. You affect their lives not only the hour they’re with you but after when they’ve achieved things they didn’t think they could do or just didn’t do alone.

Sell yourself first.

When you’re 110% sure this is what you want to be doing, when you’re fully invested in it and believe you have a reasonable service at a rate that makes sense to the customers you want to serve, you are expecting success.

Listen to your own objections. Make sure that what you say you want is really what you can commit to getting.

If you love what you do- as most trainers love fitness- then you’re doing what you love- or you’re close to it. To get the customers to do more of it, you sometimes have to do a few of the things that are out of your comfort zone. Expect good outcomes and that will begin to feel like the best way to be.


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