Training Exercise in Pregnancy and After | Women’s Fitness

Training Exercise in Pregnancy and After | Women’s Fitness

In this second (of three) podcast episodes dedicated to women’s health, fitness, and hormones I’m joined by exercise in pregnancy expert Danielle Spangler. This follows my interview with Dr Michelle Maddux on adolescent female fitness. Next up in this series I’ll round up with insight on training that booming market of women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Exercise in pregnancy and after delivery can be a significant part of working with women. As part of a new course being developed by the Medical Fitness Network, pregnancy and post partum are discussed in this episode. The course will launch in 2020. There will be a live pre-conference workshop at the Medfit Tour stop in Irvine in Feb 2020.

Danielle Spangler, creator of CORE MOM (Corrective Obstetrical Related Exercise), is also a nationally known speaker, presenter, and contributing writer for the Medical Fitness Network and Medical Fitness Education Foundation. She’s been researching in the prenatal space since 1995.

She owns her own boutique fitness studio and together with her husband is parenting three children. (She’s been there, done that!) In addition she’s authored prenatal programs for continuing education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Fitness Learning Systems.

  • What are some common mistakes and myths with exercise during pregnancy and after delivery?
  • What are some key benefits of exercise for women and their unborn baby?
  • Why is this Medfit Women’s Health, Fitness, and Hormones course so important to the health and fitness professional?
  • How will this [Medfit] course affect the health of a woman and empower her after childbearing years?
  • Why do you think this course is unique compared to other courses out there?

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Medfit Specialist course:

Women’s Health, Fitness, and Hormones pre-conference workshop at med fit tour in SoCal

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