Exclusive Look Inside Build Your Business Accelerator Mastermind

#296 A special episode for inside Build Your Business Foundations Accelerator Mastermind. The lessons, modules, coaching support, and mindset taught inside the 3-month BYB Foundations Mastermind. Plus, I answer all of your questions about the Foundations Accelerator along the way, like:

  • What exactly is the Foundations Accelerator Mastermind
  • Who’s right for the BYB FAM
  • What exactly I teach inside
  • How long the program takes to go through week to week
  • When you can reasonably expect to increase your revenue
  • What kind of results do BYB Accelerator students actually experience during and after the program

Inside Build Your Business Fitness & Health Coach

Enjoy this special insider’s view into the accelerator because it’s an honor to serve heart-centered health & fitness pros in this way that impact their business and personal life, and so many other lives in the same way.

This episode is only available until we close the doors to the accelerator mastermind.

Is It For You?

If your goals include any of these:

  • Increasing your clients
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Increasing your profit margin
  • Decreasing your time (while still increasing all of the above)
  • Having more time for yourself, your family, and unplugged from work

Take Action

Then joining the BYB Foundations Accelerator is the way to start. I’ve coached personal trainers, health coaches, consulted with fitness businesses for two and a half decades. I did it all myself less than 10 years ago, gutting my personal and professional life and went from 0 to six figure months after 50. I did it with a proven framework that’s never been more important to trainers and health coaches lost in a sea of options confusing customers than now, and I know you can too.

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