Every Day is New Year’s Day in Fitness

Marketing for the New Year’s Day in fitness began months ago for those fitness businesses that thrive without feeling like this time of year is either overwhelming or a miracle. They’re simply ready for it. 

If you’re like some of Oprah’s first time guests on the long-running show, if you’re not ready for them you will experience 15 minutes of fame or (surge in your business) and have no way to capitalize on it. 

If you’ve been hoping to make more money but not putting things in place that are crucial, your big hopes for the New Year may be dashed. What things should be in place? 

You need a way to capture names of people who want to be on your email list (Psst, they don’t want your newsletter). 

You need an offer they can’t refuse so the first time they come in the door is the beginning of a long-term relationship.

New Year's Day in Fitness

New Year’s Day in Fitness? It’s possible every day

You have time to get those things in place. If you’re honest and you’re just starting, relax. You’re not creating something from scratch, just deciding how to be more organized about the marketing of your existing programs. 

What else can you do right now? Whether it is New Year’s Day that’s approaching or you’re about to speak at an event with access to dozens of new prospects there’s something you can do. Do more of what’s already working. Look at your numbers right now and know what worked in 2018. Listen to the recent annual planning podcast.

These things all represent the New Year:

  • Fresh start.
  • Cleanse
  • Detox.
  • Reset button.
  • Clean the closet. 
  • Take down the old decorations.
  • Box up the clothes you’ve not worn in two years.
  • Set new habits in motion.
  • null

  • Assess what’s true of today. 
  • Declare what you’d like to be true.
  • Set goals.

But none of them really matter unless there’s a plan of action in place. You’ve got to know the next steps for any of these to matter. That’s why customers come to you. They need the plan. If they were already there they wouldn’t need you. They want something they believe is possible but they can’t achieve it alone. They’re either taking a risk on you, or theyknowyou can help. 

If you want to help someone you’ve got to begin working with them. In order to make it New Year’s Day in fitness every day you have to be ready all year. There’s no better time to start. 

Between cookies and shopping, wrapping and traveling that happen before the end of the year, focus on things that are important. Love and gratitude are among them. Take some time and appreciate all the ways your clients and customers and work like have given you joy this last year. Appreciate yourself and the accomplishments you’ve made. Treat every day as if it’s already New Year’s Day. You get to look back for the purpose of appreciating and planning more of some things and less of others. 

In your business there are a few things left to do too.

Spend time on important things: an allotted time. If you’re working on your About page on your website, give yourself two hours and then be done. No one knows you better than you. And, it’s never going to be perfect. 

Tell a story that connects you to your ideal customers. Use language that your customers use. Share your credentials, any awards, and a few hobbies or interests. 

Add a video that ends in an offer for the next step. Include a link for exactly what a visitor on that page should do next. 

Be done. Before that matters, information about the customer’s problem has to be clear. 

New Year's Day in fitness

Make every day New Year’s day for millions of women seeking support for hormone-balancing fitness.

Every day is New Year’s Day in fitness.

It’s all these things, right? For customer’s it’s a chance to start over, get help, and feel better about themselves. 

State your customer’s problem in a way the customer knows you get them. Do that by knowing the exact words they use and the things they’ve tried already. Paint a picture that only someone who knows intimately what they want, hate, love and are seeking support for could know. 

You can make every day New Year’s Day in fitness as long as you have a plan and you know the important parts of that planSomething has brought you the most customers in 2018, gotten the best results for them, and resulted in the happiest customers. What is it? Do more of what works in 2019. 

Happy New Year!

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