Evalutate Your Strengths to Sell Fitness

Your skill as a personal trainer are many and varied. You likely have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. There are some excellent coaches that will suggest you focus on your strengths. That’s a novel idea for some of us. We’ve been taught or conditioned to look for our weaknesses and try to make them stronger.

I’d suggest doing both. But not knowing or acknowledging is the biggest weakness of all. What do we tell people? “Know your numbers” so that their eyes are open and at least they make a conscious decision about what they will do.

So it’s your turn here. There are four areas below. Four components that could apply to any business really. Read the description, rank yourself and look at how balanced you are currently. Ask yourself if you can thrive in your business as your current level of proficiency. Ask yourself if that would still be true if you had more competition and choosier clients. Do you have longevity as you currently rank yourself.

1. Your Presentation: presenting information, creating rapport, teaching clients, delivering speeches, designing special content for individuals and groups that you serve. If you’re good at this people are constantly referring to YOU, not just to your business or for your service, but actually asking to work with you.

2. Your Expertise: your depth of knowledge in the practical application of training and program design, your creativity when it comes to problem-solving for your clients and for their personalities and physical needs, your understanding of  the science behind exercise design. If you’re good at this, you may see a trend emerging where physical therapists refer their patients to you when they’re done with rehab; or clients ask for you because a friend also had a certain condition and you helped them.

3. Your Business: your initiative in marketing, developing professional alliances through networking, ability to close the sale, establishing systems so that you know your goal every step of the way from casual conversation to phone call follow up to appointment to close. If you’re good at this you are never worried about the next day or the next week because you have a system in place that is always bringing in new leads and a steady business though the faces may change.

4. Your Integrity: your awareness of the industry as a whole, professional organizations involvement, supporting ethical standards related to scope of practice and honest business practice, concern for not only your own business but the standards of business in your environment and beyond.

Rank yourself on a 1-5 scale. One is low, five is high.

Based on your responses what actions do you want to take?


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