They Got the Freebie, How to Enroll In Your Program? | Say This Not That #307

#307 How do clients enroll in your program? How do you convert them from stranger to follower to subscriber to buyer? 

There are potential gaps anywhere in that funnel I just described. The one we’re talking about here is from subscriber to buyer. Say someone just reached out for your freebie. You’ve nurtured them as they used it. Now they are finished with the nurture email series. 

What do you say to them next? You created that freebie based on it being something that your ideal customer for your course, program, or coaching wants or needs. (Tell me you did that – or be sure that you check today’s show notes (enroll-in-your-program) so you have the Freebie solution that does the job!) 

In this series of weekly marketing posts, I’ll help you craft your content so that you can resonate with your ideal customers. I’ll choose an example of some fitness posts that are a good concept but miss the mark. 


Use these words not those: 

If you are ready …

You might like this…. 

And be sure that you: 

Create a sense of urgency 

Make it a no-brainer 

Inspire the FOMO

The words I suggest (listen to the episode) are these: 

Based on _____________ , the next logical step is _______________


There you have it, the episode of the Say This Not that series this week. Leave me a comment or a rating in iTunes for the Fitness Marketing Mastery show. 

If you’re not already a subscriber, it’s the next logical step if you’re listening to this podcast. (See what I did there?) You’ll find a message from me on the home page about how I can help you make your business go or grow in the next year. But better yet, let me help you with strategies for the Marketing to Women: Copywriting Course


Click on the link in this episode’s show notes and you’ll have a day with special savings. If you’re stuck:

Finding the right words

You type and then you retype and start over again

You stare at a blank screen 

You post and send and get very little positive response

And… you know in your heart you can HELP your ideal client. You KNOW you have something she needs. 

Then don’t spin your wheels. Don’t stay stuck with thoughts of, “I can’t do this myself.” Seriously, there is no one who does it like you. But there is not an abundance of marketing and sales strategies available for health & fitness coaches. You need to get in the weeds and not just do broad strokes like check the box you sent an email. 

If no one else is asking… I am. What words are you using in your emails? In what order? 

It matters!!!

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Marketing to Women Copywriting Course 


How to Create the Irresistible Freebie (your ideal clients will love)



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