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How would you like to engage more people on every social media post? 

Make juicy content and then post stories to bring you TOMA of your account. But stop cannibalizing your own content. I know “they” tell you to post every day, four times a day, but that’s old news and it’s not working. 

This is. 

I post daily and I might get 2000 views on a video and 60 likes. 

I post every 3 or 4 days and I get 5000-6000 views and 2-300 likes and comments.  

As the algorithm changes, so too must you change. 

Posting on social media frequently was truly a thing in 2013 and 2014. In fact, posting 4 times a day on Facebook was a thing and worked. It doesn’t any more. Unless, possibly you are in real estate, selling houses and your audience is looking for a house right now. 

With fitness, you may wear out your welcome posting that much consistently. It might work for a “day in the life” post or an “How I eat in a day” series of posts. And always, if you have a theory about what will work because you know your audience, test it. 

Will your ideal clients follow multiple posts a day? Are you really capturing her or are you throwing things out there trying to capture anyone? Do you want to post many times and get little engagement on any one post, or post once, and reshare it to stories, to your personal feed, several times to boost its appeal? 

Likewise, consider what your posts are doing for you. Are you just throwing up cute memes? Or are you connecting, relating, or driving traffic to more important content? My goal is 99% the latter. I bring eyeballs to my content over and over instead of thinking of new posts that dead end over and over. 

In 2022, good content that your audience wants was gold.That’s not going to stop in 2023. Let a post take your ideal prospect to somewhere for a deeper relationship. Hint though: it’s not a sale, a promotion. It’s a cornerstone piece of content or a freebie.  

Post less, engage more by using stories. 

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