Personal Trainers | Why Your Emails Don’t Get Sales

Your emails don’t get sales because of your copy.

It may be your subject line, or your content or both.

Subject Lines are Only the Beginning

First, they have to open it though so let’s start with the best subject lines. You can GOOGLE the “best subject lines of all time” and get a bullet point list of some.

But that’s not the best way to get your customers to open.

The best way is to know them.

Then you learn to write copy… copy that converts.

You can’t copy someone else’s copy… but you can learn from it.

What’s the difference between copy writing and copy that sells? So that you can understand why your emails don’t get sales and flip the switch?

Copy is sometimes clever, so carefully grammar and punctuation checked, that it misses connection.

You’re neither writing for your college literature professor or for an article in Science Digest.

You’re writing to get someone to take the next step.

You’re having a conversation with the reader.

If you’re not thinking about what they currently think and feel you’ll never connect with them.

If you’re not thinking about what the logical next step is for them, you haven’t come up with a Call to Action (CTA) makes sense for what you want them to do next.

How can you write good copy?

The kind that gets you sales? Not the kind that makes you comfortable or is grammatically correct? Not the kind that tells your reader how smart you are or how much they don’t know and need you for… because even that dance is tricky. If you offend someone or convince them they are doing it so wrong right now without making an emotional connection, you won’t inspire them to keep reading.

It may be true, but you’ve got to take their side. Nothing bonds like a common enemy. So … play it that they haven’t failed, the system failed them. Like COVID19 has bonded a lot of people in the world – we all want this over. No one likes wearing a mask. What can you have in common with your audience, not know better than them?

Big Reasons Emails Don’t Get Sales (and what to do about it)

  • Emails don’t get sales if all you ever send is “buy this” “our program is open.”
  • Emails don’t get sales if they just include a “flyer” like post of your programs.
  • Emails don’t get sales if they forget to ask.
  • Emails don’t get sales if there is no relevant emotional story.

Take action: Take an hour every day this week and write.

Write in a whole new way. And even if your open rate is far about industry average, and your click through rate is too, we always strive to improve it, right?

  • Why doesn’t your ideal customer start? What do they say?
  • Come up with 4-5 different reasons.
  • Take every one of those statements and write what the customer is probably thinking and feeling.
  • Write what they’re currently doing.
  • Write what you’d like them to be thinking and feeling.
  • Write what step you’d like them to do.

When you can take someone from pre-aware that there is a problem, to awareness there’s a problem, to awareness there’s a solution, and that you have a solution, and that your solution is the only solution…

That’s the role of good copy.

Know exactly who you’re writing for when you write copy. Are they aware they have a problem? Are they aware what they’re doing isn’t working?

Or are they pre-aware there is even a problem with the way they’re exercising?

If you haven’t really sat down and thought about first, what stage the customer you are writing a love letter too is in, how can you really write anything that will help them?

This is a game changer. You’ll go from finding your emails don’t get sales to a significant change in your email conversions. And you’ll feel better about the messages you’re sending.

Marketing after all is a conversation when it’s done best.

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