How to Set Up Your Email Service | From Tell Me More to Customers

You know you need an email service, often called a CRM (customer relationship management). You can’t send from your gmail or your yahoo account if you plan to have a fitness business, be a business woman, and scale a business.

This episode is to help you go from “tell me more” to “how do I sign up?”

Before you ever jump in to setting up what’s known as a funnel you need to know your customers inside and out. So, this episode jumps in somewhere in the middle of the story… and I want you to know there’s some homework to do before you get here.

I’ll link to a few prior podcasts and blogs in case you don’t know that customer like you know your best friend.

What You Need to Know to Use Your Email Service Optimally

  • Know the end thing you want your leads to do. What will they ultimately buy? Is it one-on-one coaching? Is it a course, is it a year-long program? What transformation do you provide? Some trainers will say weight loss. Some trainers will say athletic performance. Some trainers will say energy and optimally aging. You have to know. You may be working with people on more than that, but you have to narrow it down to something very specific if you want to grow a brand and increase business. This first step is crucial
  • Create a freebie. Something that your audience wants so badly they’ll give you access to their inbox and invite you to send them emails. It has to have a specific hook and it has to give them a quick win moving toward the bigger transformation that they get from you.
  • Create an opt in form. That’s just the little box where they add their name and email.
  • From there you create a series of what is called autoresponders. It’s the first email they get that delivers the yummy recipes you’ve created for them, or the workout video, or pdf.
  • Don’t set it and forget it. Watch it. Make sure you’re watching what happens when you email. Do they open it? Do they click on it? How many emails in do they drop off? What could you do instead? Your email service doesn’t do the thinking and adjusting to the analytics. You do.

Why Email Is the Way

Your email service can help you meet more people and care for them easier, effortlessly, and find the best customers while allowing those that aren’t a good match to know it and move on. Ultimately, that’s what you want. There’s an abundant amount of people in the world who need exactly what you have to offer.

 You are the wrong match for some people and jobs, and for others you are absolutely perfect. 

There may be things about your job you love more than others. This email service should be one you love. If you’re reluctant about it, I’m willing to bet, dear trainer or coach, that you’re thinking about it all wrong. You’re getting stuck in the its-new-and-I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing… and we can’t be good at something we’ve never done before.

But if you instead think of the emails you’ll write, as if you were having a conversation with a client, your ideal client. And you write to that client.

Then, copywriting becomes FUN.

Copywriting is For Winning Email Service

Want a little info on an upcoming copywriting masterclass? I’ll put some details in this email so you can tell me more about what you want and decide if it’s a good fit for you. I’ll help you write everything from your emails, to your website sales pages, and your product descriptions, to your video scripts. Everything you say, and write is copy. Is yours working and consciously written for a fit or not?

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