Is Your Email Service Helping You Give Better Customer Service or Just Serving You?

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Optimal Email Service Use Increases Your Subscribers

Optimal Email Service Use Increases Your Revenue

Optimal Email Service Use Increases Your Free Time

If those three statements were three questions in a quiz, how are you doing?

Are you increasing your subscribers consistently? When you log into Constant Contact, MailChimp or Aweber, for instance, do you have 30-40 new subscribers daily? Do you have a dozen? A hundred? According to a realistic number for your geographical target is there net growth?

Is your revenue increasing since you began using emails to use send information to your customers? Is it a direct result of your emails?

Last, now that you have an email service, do you find that revenue streams are each growing without a corresponding need to grow your time dedicated to each?

If you can say yes, yes, and yes you’re in good shape.

Unfortunately, this is one of those quizzes in Algebra II (Mr Lundgren, I know you’re out there), that I hated. Miss one and you have 66%. I don’t know about you but my parents weren’t too keen on 66%. They figured if something had that much weight on it I should probably know the answer.

And so it is with you. Your business has all the weight on it. Email is your direct hotline to your customers. 90% of the fitness businesses I first connect with either haven’t got a service yet, or don’t utilize the most important components of the email to reach customers. They don’t know how, so the excuse they’ll use is that they don’t want to do it that way, they want it more personal.

Few things are more personal than a direct email speaking to the exact concerns of a new customer and answering questions before they know to ask them, and coming right to their inbox at the time you’ve set knowing when your customers open emails.

Yes, you can be that intimate with your customers. And yes, it works. It’s not salesy or sleazy – it’s reaching out and giving customers the help they asked you for when they forked over their money to join.


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