The Email Mistakes Killing Your Fitness Sales

What if you knew you were missing fitness sales due to your emails? Does the idea make you cringe? Email mistakes are common. Chances are if you clicked to read this, you already have a feeling it’s true. You may have a feeling you’re not taking time to think through email sequences and how they influence your customer. Maybe you’re an owner and someone else is doing the email content and you know it’s not really working. I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is you can fix it. The bad news? It’s not just your emails, its something bigger. It’s the way you’re thinking about your emails that is hurting you most! You’re likely telling yourself lies about your emails that are getting in the way of you increasing sales.

email mistakes#1 Email Mistakes Killing Your Fitness Sales

You think if you send too often you’ll lose subscribers. You might. They weren’t your buyers anyway. They came for the free stuff, or (I hope you’re not doing this any longer without permission in 2018) you just add new members to your email list without them opting in and giving you permission. Both me, and clients, have increased sales by $10, 000 in three days by simply sending four more emails, and by $16, 000 in four days. I’ve increased my conversion rate (the rate of people landing on my subscriber list to them becoming paying customers) so I increased my revenue by 6x what it used to be… by getting better at writing copy. You can’t be afraid to send email more frequently. It’s the ONLY way that you increase sales at a scale. No one can actually SEE thousands of people a day. For sure you have to be sending content that matters, that’s good, that’s emotional and your customer can relate to… but increasing your frequency is probably the biggest thing you can do. After all if you care about your customers, your copy can’t be all that bad.

Send good stuff more often.

But what if you still doubt you can write or it takes hours to write something because you’re trying to write and edit? Or because you’re trying to write it like you were writing for a college English class? Or because you are a grant writer? You definitely are going to suffer. Because copy that sells, that actually converts a stranger into a friend who trusts you and then into someone who wants to buy what you’re selling, is NOT what got you good grades in school. Because no one talks like that. We’re not just talking emails, in case you wonder. We’re talking everything:
  • Your emails
  • Your subject lines
  • Your blogs
  • Your headlines
  • Your course titles
  • Your program descriptions
  • Your video titles
  • Your website tabs
Everything matters. The Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Your Emails That Are Costing You
  • I can’t send more than once a week.
  • They’ll unsubscribe.
  • I’m terrible at writing.
  • It takes me forever to write an email!
  • I need to hire (and can’t afford) someone who can write!

#2 Email Mistakes Killing Your Fitness Sales

You’re so clever that no one knows what you mean and they don’t have time to find out. Clever beats clear. So here are the ways to fix that creative clever bone you want to express. It’s a numbers game. Write more headlines before you actually finish your email. Like dozens and dozens of headlines. It’s about them. So stop writing about you. Don’t start with “I” or even write with “I” for that matter until you’ve earned it and you have a large following that love and buy everything you do. Write from their point of view, their problems, and the questions they want answers to. It’s about what they’re looking for. What are they likely to type into Google in the evening when they’re frustrated? It’s about relating. Get inside their head like only you can if you’ve been working for them and with them for years. If you haven’t and you want to break into a new marketing, interview dozens and dozens of people and ask them questions. Listen. There will be gold – and copy – in what they say. Do not assume you know. Ask.

#3 Email Mistakes Killing Your Fitness Sales

You think of it as a chore to cross off your list.  Heck, no. It’s the most important thing you’re going to do except shake hands and kiss babies. The biggest mistake you’re making with your fitness emails is thinking of them as something other than a sales tool that works because you love your customers. You think:
  • It’s a newsletter.
  • It’s a sales promotion.
  • It’s a list of what someone can buy.
  • You only send frequently when you have a sale.
That’s not true at all. An email is a chance to CONNECT. Connecting can be hard if you’re feeling like you’re forcing out words just to get it done. If you feel like you’re not good at it or people are not opening emails and may be dropping off your list. It’s not frequency but quality that’s the problem. Learning to write good copy is like unlearning habits you were taught about grammar and punctuation. It’s also learning the power of word order, sequence, strategies of persuasion that happen in a natural way. But no one is born knowing it and no one gets better at it without practice. Yet you don’t want to practice the bad stuff especially if it’s crunch time: you’ve got a quota or you’ve got to pay the bills. This isn’t something you can hire, or should. Why? Because if you don’t know how to write good copy in your business with your customers how can someone else? Plus, you’d be tempted to hire someone who is a “good writer” and that’s not what you need. You need someone who has a track record for selling with their copy. This isn’t a thesis or a grant application. It isn’t an article for a college course or even high school for that matter. This isn’t something that you can wait to get better at, it has to happen as soon as possible.

email mistakesIt’s Urgent

None of the hormone-balancing exercise prescriptions or the social media tricks I love to teach you will help people unless you use good copy everywhere that you create a title, headline, message or blog. It’s everywhere, even in the tabs on your website and the titles of your videos. Nothing that you love to do in your business will matter… none of the exercises, the solutions to pain, the things that remove things that limit someone’s potential or just enjoyment of life… will matter if you don’t reach them through good words. Take some action and learn how to start writing in a way that gets you customers not good grades in grammar or journalism. I’ve got two ways I can help. First, if you serve women in midlife and beyond you should take a good look at the Flipping 50 Specialist program. The Advanced Specialist will make sure you leverage the knowledge you get by creating messages you can use to attract your ideal customers. It will help you in EVERY area of your business no matter who else you serve and no matter where else you write. Second, if you prefer to work solo with a coach and design headlines, blogs, video titles, website copy that converts better than anything you’re doing now and you want to start learning how to take over right now, schedule a session with me to talk about your business and coaching options that accelerate your results.

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