Do you Edit Your Work Before You Hit Send? STOP!

 In professional development

See what I mean? Enough said. It is not about your intelligence, diligence or lack of good will. You will simply miss your own mistakes. You’re too close to it. The more important it is the more eyes you need on it.

Have someone edit for more than just spelling – that can truly irritate some customers. Have someone edit for tone, and clarity, and to be sure there isn’t dual meaning. You have only your frame of reference. So another persons input is helpful. I had two people who were not even my target market read over a book proposal before I finally read it again and send it out. They offered grammar insight, asked questions about content I thought was obvious …I need an editor!

We all do. Be sure you use one frequently. Little offenses can hurt your reputation and credibility if you do them often.


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