4 Easy Marketing Steps That Will Grow Your Fitness Business

4 Easy Marketing Steps That Will Grow Your Fitness Business

If your first thought is “easy marketing” is a myth, you’re not alone. Truth is that marketing isn’t hard, but getting distracted by shiny objects is easy.

When you want to buckle down, focus on how to get leads, clients, and recurring revenue though you have to ignore shiny objects and do the one thing hardest of all.

You have to trust someone else.

Unless you’re a marketer, a website developer, an SEO expert, a Facebook ads manager or know how to write copy (ALL of which you should know SOMETHING ABOUT, by the way) you have to eventually turn it over. Someone else will get far better results in far less time and your time is better spent.

So my guest in this show is my trusted resource.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Make no mistake. Whether you have a digital or brick-and-mortar business, you need a digital strategy.

Jonathan Kraft is a digital strategist who has contributed well over 1,000 how-to videos to YouTube since 2006.

His videos have had more than 10 million views.

He and his wife spent 2 years traveling the world from 2009-2011 on income earned solely from affiliate marketing.

He’s traveled to more than 40 countries and speaks German and Spanish in addition to English.

He is best known for helping small businesses who have something going online already to become medium sized businesses.

He does this by helping them improve their branding, marketing, site structure, search presence, and business strategy.

He has worked with online businesses across industries, from professional speakers to investment firms, and from health clinics to online retailers, including a few mentioned below:

  • FlippingFifty.com
  • MattressInsider.com (Custom Mattresses)
  • MobileSleepComponents.com (Wholesale Mattresses for RV and Boat Dealers)
  • AnnmarieGianni.com (Skincare)
  • ChrisBeatCancer.com (Health/wellness)
  • TheEducationDoctor.com (Education)
  • ReviveCenters.com (Health Clinic)
  • DezThornton.com (Professional speaker coach)
  • MistiBurmeister.com (Corporate Performance Trainer and Speaker)
  • ConcussionRepairManual.com (Health care)
  • LaraAdler.com (Environmental Toxins Expert)
  • SolutionsInLowVision.com (vision screening and aid for the blind and visually impaired)

That’s an impressive list.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • Overall when you jump into a business as the man behind the curtains… where is it that people need the most help when they hire you?
  • And what is it you seethat might be a different need?
  • What are the biggest errors you see regarding websites?
  • How important is S.E.O.?
  • What would fix S.E.O. fast?
  • What are the biggest errors you see in funnels and marketing?

Questions I’m going to ask Jonathan in a future episode:

Which system have you had the most experience with for and prefer:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Host
  • Webinar host
  • Shopping cart

Of all the businesses you’ve worked with, grown, among those who’ve been most successful in monetizing their website, marketing, social reach what has been the biggest ONE THING or common denominator? assuming there’s demand for the product and there’s a big enough target market for the product)

The 4 Easy Marketing Steps we discussed:

  1. Audit your website for user friendliness
  2. Audit your customer’s journey
  3. Be wise about S.E.O. (use Google)
  4. Commit to regular content on your site

….and bonus (not included in the episode) is how you KNOW these easy marketing steps work:

Use your Google analytics! Find out how much traffic, which pages, what blog content people enter on, and if they come from social or direct traffic. Do you get organic traffic? Known now and then track as you implement the easy marketing steps from todays post. (IF you don’t know how to set it up? Get your web developer to do it. NOW!)

Pssst. From SCWfit.com to ICAA to Athletic Business to Fitness Fest, I can share that less than 50% of business owners or social media managers use Google Analytics. WHAT?

It’s the only way to find out if your marketing is making headway. You’ll learn what pages people come to and how they get there. You’ll learn if they’re coming from social media, direct to your URL, or from referral.

You’ve got to know your numbers. It makes easy marketing more realistic. You’ve got to have a goal! You’ve got to  have a benchmark to measure against. Yes, ultimately revenue. But if you don’t know where and why it’s coming to you? It’s random and a roller coaster.

Thanks for listening. Questions about behind the scenes strategies on your website that could help create positive, easy marketing changes for you?

Add them to the comments!

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