4 Tools I Use and Love for Easy Fitness Marketing

Looking for easy fitness marketing to make your end of year the best of year? Get your holiday promotions rocking with these tools. Don’t forget that 85% of your prospects will check you out – or find you (or not) – online first.

Even if you’re one of few fitness options in town you compete with online options. You have to have an online presence that makes you the choice.

Easy Fitness Marketing Tool #1: TubeBuddy

This tool is for you if you use YouTube (and if you don’t, you’re kinda crazy and missing a huge opportunity)! It will make it easy to create custom thumbnails and brand them. No more taking a still photo and exporting to a photo editing site to add text, logo, or color graphics.

That’s just a small part of how it can help you optimize your videos with key words, check your title, however. It also reminds you to do all the things that matter for YouTube success. It literally gives you a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

Cost: $ This one is really a no-brainer. Get it. Super easy to start using and it’s less than $100 annually.

Easy Fitness Marketing Tool #2: Typeform 

This one is amazing and outshines other survey tools in my opinion. You can use it to create polls and surveys of your customers. You can create satisfaction surveys to use for testimonials after a program or service is completed.

I use it for quizzes and for Flipping 50 Specialist certification tests. You’re really only limited by your imagination. Literally, anywhere you would find customer feedback helpful, it’s smart to use!

You can integrate it with your CRM (customer management tool) for automation or you can use links to share in a simple email.

Then you can log in and see the results in real time and create reports from them.

I’ve created “quizzes about knowledge in areas I teach in programs to uncover a dozen ways to blog or podcast in ways that captures leads. I’ve still not exhausted all the uses of Typeform. But there is a way to automate just about every response you want from your customers, or staff.

Cost: $$ This one’s not free but it’s pretty awesome.

Easy Fitness Marketing Tool #3: Trello

This project management tool is awesome especially if you’re visual. And… if you are overwhelmed with social media posts. And… if you care that social media platforms almost all hate scheduling in advance and hate third party scheduling apps worse.

Now, I still use Hootsuite for some things. But, truly, only for the secondary posts and the later than that posts. All the new and fresh content currently gets posted in real time. So… do I always have time to create longer post text and link to my profile for the call-to-action? No. That part I’ve done in advance. I just do it on Trello.

I do it on my laptop. Then I use the app on my phone to actually post. (I also use insights from all platforms to keep tabs on the best times to post for my audience.)

Trello let’s you create “boards” for days and add themes to each day. I like to choose 3-5 for myself and for clients. These are topics you want to be the expert on. You start talking about them regularly by keeping yourself accountable with Trello.

You can add the text and the images right there in Trello. Then you save to phone, and copy and paste when it’s go time. You can add a “due date” so you know when you need to get a post out.

I use Basecamp to manage other projects with my team but I use Trello solo for the social posting I’m going to do. I could delegate the posting easily to an intern or contractor once I’ve written it and assigned due dates.

Cost: Free or Fee (I use Free and have all the functions I want and need).

Easy Fitness Marketing Tool #4: Zencastr

This is the platform I use for my podcast. If you have quests regularly, this is a great option. Your guest uses a link and meets you on his/her computer at the appropriate time.

It functions on an up-to-date Chrome browser and you can edit the podcasts and insert your own pre-recorded ads or bumpers of music. You click post-production and both your track and the one from your guest’s computer are sent into postproduction. The sound quality is quite good since each comes from a unique computer one person is sitting in front of. It’s all handled for you.

Cost: Free or Fee. You can start with free and may get everything you need if you’re more of a hobbyist. If you’re doing episodes frequently you may run out of space and need to purchase more. You can do that per episode if you need to, or upgrade to more space and additional service.

No tool is enough if you’re not marketing to the right audience at the right time with the right message. If you’re working with women 40-65 ripe for hormone balancing support, click here for more information and 20% off the Flipping 50 Specialist during Thanksgiving week. Code: PROTG20

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