How to Earn What You’re Worth Without Feeling Guilty


Two weeks ago I sat around a table with my relatives. All ages represented between sisters, sister-in-laws, mother, niece…and someone said it outloud. Money is the root of all evil.

This, is why families feud. I couldn’t disagree more. I think not having is the root of all evil. People use it as an excuse to avoid things they should do, to do things they shouldn’t, to see half empty instead of half full.

When you have money or when you don’t have money what is the root of what you do is YOU. You can choose to do more good and be generous and help more people when you have it. You can enjoy more time and memories with your family with it.

Someone – or you- having money does not mean someone else doesn’t have it. THAT is the root thought of all evil. It doesn’t have to be an either or option. People pay good money to have good services and products of value to them that enhance their lives.

That is not evil. That is good.

You spend money every day on things someone else might not spend money on or the same amount of money on. You’re allowed.

When you deal with and understand your own relation with money optimally you can make more money and be more satisfied.

The frustration that comes from you feeling someone wanting you to make more sales, or you feeling you have to make sales in order to succeed in life by paying your bills and buying yourself some freedom, instead of wanting it for bigger and better reasons.

Charities are made possible and scholarships are made possible by people who have made money and given it back. If you’re thinking small about your own use of it for you self then easily you might feel it’s greedy. When you look at another way of using money for the good of people around you – whether it’s providing more jobs and opportunity  – or helping improve the quality of life for others, you will change everything.


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