How To Earn Top Dollar as A Trainer

Sell Well or Sell Out?

If you never take selling seriously as your first job and learn to do it well you’ll be hurting the career you have as a trainer.

If you’re continually looking forward to the next holiday, next special event or celebration so you can tie it to a “sale” and discount so you can bring in more customers you have a big problem.

Watch here and identify the three big reasons why a “sale” will kill you long term. 

#1. You’re going to condition your customers never to buy you at full rate.

But the other two are equally harmful if not more so. #1 you could get over.

If you aren’t interested in making any money in personal training, if it’s just a hobby for you? This really isn’t the blog for you. Those who treat their service that way hurt the credible educated trainer who wants and needs to make a living and career from what they’re doing.

You can close more sales and make a much bigger impact on others if you earn more money.

You’re not driven by money? You’re driven by it if you’re not making enough. Right? It gets in your way of thinking about anything else. You can’t afford to live the way you want or bills may be tight. You say no even to things that you know you should do to hep you like continuing education and traveling to expose yourself to new people and cultures and simply be a more interesting person.

So money does drive you. It drives us all. If you admit that having money would feel better and is a good thing so you can do good with it you’ll be much more successful.


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