Drawer Full of Business Cards and No Business?

More Than Being Seen: Networking to Revenue

In this ongoing series focused on marketing the over-arching message is that relationships are everything in 2016 and beyond. Being in fitness, selling fitness alone just because everyone needs fitness is not enough to guarantee your success. People want a relationship, they want to know your story, connect to you, and they want to know you care about their story.

Before you attempt to “network” work through this three-step process. Know your message. Rehearse it.

“I’m a personal trainer,” is not going to set you apart.

Think About The Event

  1. What’s the Purpose
  2. Who Will Attend?
  3. Does the event compete with something else you should be doing?
  4. What’s your highest priority use of the time?

Got Goals?

  1. Collect ______ business cards
  2. Talk to ______ amount of people in a meaningful way
  3. Set up at least ____ post-event meetings.
  4. Who do you want to connect with specifically?

Follow up Time

  1. Set aside the admin hours to make good on the transactions that took place
  2. Make the call. Send the email. Track the response or need for follow up.
  3. Know your goal for the meetings you set.
  4. Listen to the problem.
  5. Tell how you can help.
  6. Ask for the business.

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